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Quote: Originally Posted by landshark That is a great suit. I love the Fedora! It seems like more men here are wearing more hats. Thank you. Winter's coming. There will be more excuses to look like extras from The Untouchables. Quote: Originally Posted by Vitaly Great coat! Good combo fedora with coat, I think without pullover will be better.. Thank you. I will try a more understated sweater next...
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo ^really nice, but I think it would look better without the sweater. Thanks. It was cold, though, and I had to walk outside a lot (which actually gave me an excuse to wear the fedora haha). I do agree that the cricket sweater is not quite congruent with the rest of the ensemble.
Sorry in advance for the overly stylized picture but I wore this yesterday. (Click on the pic for a full view). Vintage felt fedora (probably should have ditched it. Too costumey.) Tweed suit - AX (yes, you heard it right. Armani Exchange of all places). Tie - Sulka Scarf - Christian Dior Sweater - RL boys
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee Oh, yes, fashion forward, right into the grave. Lose the green shirt, man! You can't be "fashion forward" and conservative at the same time with a m-t-m button down... Everything else is a good fit, especially the coat; I'd get another shirt with that outfit (and possibly a bit wider tie). Also, fyi, chocolate brown is the single most unflattering color... Surreal, listen to everything this guy said.
Odd vests without a suit will always look retarded. You can try a sweater vest or a sweater vest cardigan. Make sure the texture is playful/interesting.
PM sent for the navy Etro square.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese I wonder how many people will be dressing up for the internet and never leaving the house +1 There must be a mandatory candid shot of the contestant wearing the outfit in public with some friends. The latter requirement could prove challenging though.
Just got my MTM 3 piece brown tweed suit. It's epic. I'm gonna wear it every chance I get.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer this is the worst type of SF group think. how many J CRew sweaters actually last 3-6 months? I have had many for 3-4 years Yeah, I have a $30 merino sweater (from Express of all places) that I wear as a beater (at least twice a week). It has lasted me 2 years and shows no significant sign of wear at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix I expect more creativity from him as a designer. Sure, 4 years ago that was glorious, but the past is the past, move on, create something new at least. Is he even that innovative anymore aside from the comically stupid cut? He always sticks to the same "safe" color palette of gray, navy, red and white. Even I can design decent looking pieces with those colors.
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