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Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 That's a sick sportcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition I actually had a meeting today. For everyone in the Bay Area, you know how much it sucked: Very elegant. Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 [center]Tweed-ish Monday ... This Mish-Mash: Awesome collage. You know how to work your patterns. Are you gonna enter the Tweed contest? No WAYWRN today but here's what I'm carrying with me.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Tom Ford #2. This pic needs to be quoted again. I can't stress how fucking badass this is.
Quote: Originally Posted by rain_dog While you are likely joking, I think burgundy would seriously go with almost everything (maybe not chocolate brown). +1. Burgundy goes with everything, even brown. Chocolate brown is a crappy color anyway.
I like the tartan trousers. That's about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by maritimetimetime how do the jcrew xs fit? im like 5'6"ish and 34" chest and i feel that even the xs size would be too big for me. JCrew XS fits like a (slight smaller) small so yes, it'll be a little too big for you if you wear very fitted clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Aeglus dresses like this and is a big hit over there from what i've read on this thread. I used to frequent (but rarely post) SW&D WAYWRN before making my way over here. Aeglus got this one in the bag. I'll try and score another upset, though.
Thanks, guys. I'll go cook up some ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Just don't wear a suit, and don't wear slacks. Dammit, I typed slacks again. Are drop crotch pants considered slacks?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Thank you. is your answer. My model is the Californian Ventura. Wow, that's way over my budget. Seriously, that leather jacket is pretty badass.
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