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Thanks. The wedding will be in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam so wearing light-colored jacket won't be a problem. I'm just mainly looking for a color and style that matches my bride's kimono.
Hey guys! So, I'm getting married! My wife-to-be, who is obviously Japanese, is gonna wear this kimono at the wedding. I'm gonna wear a tux. What color and style should I pick for my tux to not look out of place next to her? The ceremony will be indoor. Ivory jacket + black pants like this (but with one button instead) or a traditional black tux like this Or any other thoughts? I'm up for all non-conservatives ideas. (FWIW, our wedding color scheme is the...
Well, he's wearing BOTH a pocket watch and a wrist watch for one.
Really miss my suit wearing days *sigh*. Couple months ago in Moscow.
Good fits all around, gents. I'm really jealous of those of you who live in cold climates. Since I've moved back to Saigon, I can't layer up anymore. Boring shirt+slacks every freaking day.
You're welcomed. I was thinking about getting 6 pairs, too, but then I would have to buy 3 more pairs of shoes, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of saving money,
Club collar for me. I love the look (for non-business occasions, of course).
You can get 3 pairs of shoe trees for $25 shipped from Jos A Bank. This works for other items, too. They're offering a "Buy 1 get 2 free" promotion on the entire site. Enter code B1G2 for the deal and SHIPAPR for free shipping. (note that cut and pasting might not work. you have to type them in). Shoe trees Other accessories (hangers, etc.)
Quote: Originally Posted by loreley information like this is why people still have acne... No, it's info like this is why people still have acne. Quote: 2. It's been shown that diet has practically no effect on acne.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I think you guys missed a step 1) buy goods 2) ask for "tax free" receipt at the store 3) fill out tax free receipts (name,address, etc) 4) bring the goods and receipts to the VAT office at the airport from which you are departing the EU 5) Present receipts (and goods if requested) 6) Get your refund in cash or on credit card Note: you only get part of your VAT back, the rest goes to processing fees by...
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