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I've been following their Instagram/Tumblr for quite some time, and I really enjoyed your interview. Thank you!
I've finally gotten an excuse to use suits and ties daily, so here are some of my Hobers that I've used during the past couple of weeks.            
People do both! But I can't sew, so I went to the store.
I went to the denim store I trust the most and asked them if they could repair them. So I didn't do it myself! :)
Oh, ok. Great! Thanks. :)
 I'll try the 0201's next time, and I'll try a bigger size as well! Though I have a pair of JB0412 to work on first as well, so a new pair of denim isn't planned until winter. :) Thank you for you help!
Haha, perhaps. Though I wish to think that I don't.
 I've tried both tight and loose fits but the crotch always blows out. I usually fix them once and then they hold up pretty well. So yes, it's more expensive than if they wouldn't blow out, but I don't seem to find a way around it... My BOM006's are the tightest fitting pair I have atm, and my 0701's have blown out too even though they are a bit looser.
Thanks! :) And yes, all my jeans do. I don't know why, but it doesn't matter if it's Nudie, Lee or Momotaro.
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