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My BOM006's after about 3-4 months of wear. 1 soak, no washes. I've basically worn them to and from school. Nothing too hard. The crotch have blown out and been repaired once.    
 Thank you. And yes. It all comes more naturally the more ties you tie (which, of course, is pretty obvious. But people seem to think it's some kind of material sport, where you need an expensive tie to get a good dimple. Sure, it matters up to a point but then it's all about the fingerspitzengefühl). Btw, thanks for the link. Lots of fun there!
 I don't know actually. All my silk ties get this kind of off-center dimple, but the 7-fold was quite extreme. But why my dimples looks like SpooPoker's even though we have different constructions is beyond me, even though it probably has to do with technique. I'm guessing that Spoo has been tying ties for longer than I've lived, so I must be on the right track if you see a resemblance. So thank you for the compliment!
Yes, I did. Thank you very much for the swatch! I love it. I had it made as an unlined 7-fold, and the feel is amazing. :) Thanks! Thank you, sevenfoldtieguy. :)  Thanks, tdude. :)
Thank you very much! And regarding some of the knots being difficult to see so are these the only fit pics I have of these ties. I had on a pair of trousers that was cut higher than my regular model, so I didn't want the blade to be too low over the belt. I did have to tie it really tight witht the DFIH though, and it's still, as you note, a bit bulky. So it's not something that I've done again.Yes, I feel that the 6-fold grenadine gives the most slender FIH with a nice...
Unlined 7-fold silk. Four in hand. You didn't ask for this one, but for reference between how the unlined 7-folds dimples if grenadine or smooth silk (at least of me).Lightly lined 6-fold grenadine fina. Four in hand.Unlined 7-fold grenadine grossa. Four in hand.Another but darker navy grenadine piccola. Double four in hand.
 My standard construction 4-folds tie great knots, and are the chunkiest in the bunch. The 6-fold ties a more slender knot, but with an equally deep and smooth dimple (preferrable according to me). The 7-fold is a bit trickier though, and the dimple is shaped more like a fold than an actual dimple. So I will personally not order another 7-fold grenadine, though my smooth silk 7-fold ties a wonderful knot and dimple. So maybe it's just me and 7-fold grenadines. I never wear...
 It's really noticeable in my picture since there's nothing behind the ties. But when you were it it's not overly so. Sure, you notice it when you look down and see the ground through the blade when it's moving around if you're like walking. But it's not really something that draws the attention of others if they're not aware of it. Though I find it to be a really nice touch, especially since Hober's edges are beautifully hand rolled. Edit: what could be of interest is...
I know that I wondered about the different sizes of the grenadine weaves, and even though I ordered swatches I had trouble visualising the different weaves as ties. I have taken comparative pictures of the different weaves (though they're in different colors) and thought that I could share them here in case someone find them useful.   The ties are:   1. Dark chocolate fina, 2. Navy piccola, 3. Dark navy grossa (in the picture with the dark navy and black ties), 4....
Thank you very much! I hope that you enjoy your Canuck. :)
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