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Ah my mistake. Well I like the e90 too. I've decided to wait an extra couple of weeks so I can up my budget to $14k. Should have plenty of options at that price point.
Extra bump as I'd also like to know...
Selling my 3510.50 Omega Speedmaster as I need the funds for a new dress watch. In great condition - comes with original strap and calf leather NATO. It's a 91 or 92 and the dial is clean with a lovely patina.   $1750 shipped to the US, will also ship to Canada as I live in Niagara Falls, NY and can nip across the border to post 'locally'.   Any questions, please feel free to PM.
I think the E90 wagon doesn't look to bad either!
ISAIA Extra Fine Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater in Navy Blue - Size Large - RRP $525 Brand New with original tags $525 original retail price. Size L (fits more like a M) Semi-slim fit Navy rib-trimmed cuffs and hem Made in Italy with 100% merino wool Dry clean I am also selling an ISAIA Merino knit LS Polo Shirt/Sweater which you can see here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/369606/isaia-merino-knit-polo-shirt-aubergine-burgundy-xxl
Brand New Still has Saks Fifth avenue retail tag showing $595 original price. Size XXL (fits more like a L or XL) Semi-slim fit Aubergine (Eggplant) half placket, rib-trimmed cuffs and hem Made in Italy with 100% merino wool Dry clean Please note the interior label has come loose on one side, but the shirt itself is otherwise in new and perfect condition. I am also selling an ISAIA Navy Merino wool Turtleneck Sweater in size L...
Given that we are on a clothes/style forum, is it not just ok to say 'because I like the look of it better'? Personally I think the E46 looks dated compared to the E90, both inside and out.
Before I take this for alterations and have it torn apart, can anyone identify these buttons? Jacket is vintage, 100% cashmere, made in Austria. Label is 'international designers collection for Brandee and Wine'
$6-12k per year to run it? That's worst case scenario surely. More like an average of $2-4k per year wouldn't you say? Maybe $5k if I were do do everything through a BMW dealer, rather than a good local garage. Anyway, yes I'd rather pay more per year to run a BMW (or similar) than drive a Lexus if that's what you are getting at.
Thanks. Sounds like sound advice, though like most people you incorrectly assumed that because I don't want to spend more than $12k upfront on a car that I can't afford to maintain one. I have a very comfortable salary, so insurance and maintenance really aren't an issue, even if things don't go well.Given the Edmunds TMV for a 2006 E90 never really goes much higher than $10k for a private sale (even fully loaded) or $12k dealer price, and the fact that I'm happy to shop...
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