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I'm trying to figure out how to delete this post.
Sell that shit and get yourself some deodorant.   I'm kidding.
I used to think everyone was made equal, until I realized that I am better than everyone else.
    Thank you very much.
Erm, any replies? <.<    
  I'm very lucky to have come across this thread, as I'm a big fan of slim fit clothing.  So thanks to imageWIS for making the thread.   Just recently I ordered a slim t-shirt from Doublju via Amazon (XL [US Large]), and it fits very well (well, how I'd like it to); I actually have broad shoulders, so it's a tad tight, but I like it like that.     I have similar measurements to yours (40' chest, 30' waist).  Gucci does appear to have a nice "v" shape to it, but I looked...
Hello, I'm new here as you can see, and have a few questions:   What determines a pants' fly length (or the length of the crotch area)?   I ordered some working pants that fit my waist and legs (a tight fit, how I like it), but the inseam is an inch or two too short. More importantly, the crotch area is too tight *lengthwise* and doesn't fit my tadger.   So what I would like to know is:   If I buy the same pants but with a longer inseam, will the length...
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