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LOVE the red laces!
I am looking for a pair or brown Wendell's 10.5D. They have been discontinued. Any idea how I can find a pair. Ebay is an option, and I'm keeping my eyes open.
They keep yelling "tornado" here-  I feel like I'm trapped n the beginning of "The Wizard of Oz."  - stupid.  
My latest trick is colored laces!  A new pair of black Wendell's light brown laces.  They look great!
The only pair of AE's that I think may be larger than the rest I have is a pair of Bruce. Which is okay, because they have a very thick leather sole, and don't flex as much... this allows for a heavier sock.
Any idea where I can get colored waxed laces? I have see. Park Avenues with brown and red laces.. It looks really great.
My best friend tried to kill himself two years ago.  I wish he'd come to me instead of trying to end it.
My Brand New Park Avenues got soaked by rain today..........that pisses me off!  
Hermes ties are my favorite.  The quality is amazing.  
Try Maiwand Kabob.  GREAT food, they have a couple of places in the Baltimore area. Columbia, one over by the airport, and one somewhere else.   The service isn't fast, but the food is wonderful.
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