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I agee. I think  also a navy trou or even a dark brown ones would fit with that jacket.  
Both are shell cordovan. Carmina's are brand new. C&J are around 3 years old and I haven't given any kind of polish, just a poor brushing from time to time. C&J are a Bradford style, so their last is 341 in E fitting.
Are boots a Jodhpur ones? They look gorgeous.
        For general information I can tell you that my shoe size for Carmina's Rain is 10. I also use a 10 in C&J's Bradford and other C&J and Alfred Sargent. All of them in regular fitting   About Florsheim or Alden, and also AE, I usually pick up a 10,5 unless their fit my feet a little tight. I imagine my "ideal" size would be 10,75.   It`s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so...    
IMO Yesterday tie was marvelous. From today's outfit I love scarve and, of course, suit. I has always loved Prince of Walles which I consider smart, elegant amb absolutely classic. P. S. About Thomas Pink I will always remerber an absolutely professional attention at their store. Shop assistant offer me to try several sleeve length and I was surprised with a lot of replacement stiffeners.
What a pity to have to read a post like this!  
A new addition: Carmina “rain” in shell.
I slightly disagree. Let me explain. IMO there are some suits that let you to use the jacket without their matching trousers. Not as a suit, but as a casual outfit. Navy ones are the epitome. Other ones are not easy to pick up. Charcoal ones are, IMO, no candidates to being split. I beg you consider I live in Spain, and we are suffering a huge crisis, so it is normal to wear a navy jacket with a grey trou even a chinos. A friend of mine, who works a salesman tell me, few...
Well, Fool's Day is just around the corner... Don't lost a golden opportunity: not only will you be undraped, but also you' ll reveal a lot of class!!!Greetings from BCN,
I've seen that model in Brown at Barcelona's store. The sole is Daynite. Priced around .400€   Greetings from BCN,  
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