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 Fair enough.  I don't look at myself as entitled just a hard working guy that is trying to make the most out of his buck.  I also know our hockey team is pretty poor and being a army guy myself you can guess what I was doing during that snow storm.
 I was not hoping to get anything for free.  I just wanted to get a nice pair of pants while they were on sale.  I was going to buy them at the price they were offered at until I saw the 20% off discount for buying a gift card.  There was no mention of any restrictions when I bought the gift card.  When it did not work out I did not feel like something was stolen from me however, I did feel like I missed a great sale and I wont be getting the pants I wanted.
I have never seen a gift card that has ever had restrictions on it like that, they are always the equivalent to cash from the stores where they are acquired.  I am just upset because I spent money buying a gift card thinking I could purchase the sale items with it, only to find out that I did not receive the gift card number in time, and now that I cannot use my gift card to buy items on sale.  If I would have known this system better I would have just bought the items I...
 Wish I would have known that.  The sale on the items I wanted was far more than the 20% of the gift card.  Seems weird to have a gift card that is not equivalent to cash.
Hey when do you receive the gift card number I would like to order a few things while the sale is still on.
Does anyone here know what is causing the folds to appear over my shoulders, I have tried a few mtm shirt places and it seems that every shirt I get from them always has this problem.  
Does anyone know how to fix this problem with my luxire shirts.  everything else on the shirt fits prefect but I can't seem to fix the folds over the shoulders.  
Not sure whats up but I ordered a pair of "LIGHT BROWN ANTIQUE CALF" boots from the GMTO back in late Aug, and they still have not shown up.  I emailed meermin about them 2 weeks back and I still have not got any response.  Has anyone received this order yet?
What is the fabric weight like on this?
The boots posted are by meermin, I just need them to make some more.
New Posts  All Forums: