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The boots posted are by meermin, I just need them to make some more.
Ya, I would be buying my 3rd pair of boots from meermin this week if the brown balmoral came with a rubber sole.   BTW is there any way to save on shipping with these MTO groups? I have been buying a bunch of items off there but its costing me 35 euro for each.
I am pretty much ordering every pair of boots meermin has right now with rubber soles.  I wish they had some better cordovan options though.   I would kill for a set of these with full rubber soles right now.  
how does the last fit, I am a 10-10.5 in an allen edmonds would these work?
The trial shirt is $60 bucks now that is what I was paying for a real shirt 2 weeks ago.
Well on the 6th revision of a shirt trying to fix the same 2 issues, so there is no point of ordering more than 1 at a time. other companies like modern tailor offer $20 trial shirts. I wish luxire had something like that. Going from $60 a shirt to $85 is a pretty major price increase.
Just checking but did Canada lose its free shipping.  If so its too bad as I will have to find another shirt maker.
yes the crease on top of my shoulders.  I have tried changing the yolk size 1" (to were it looks way too big) and back, however this does not eliminate this problem.
Hey guys, I have square shoulders and when I order shirts from luxire, I end up with a bump in the back that carries over the shoulder line.  It makes the shirt look a sloppy when wearing it without a jacket.  Does anyone know a fix for this problem?   Just a note, this shirt here is a little tight in the sleeve hole, but on the last one I ordered I had that fixed, however I still have that bump in the back.  
Hey I am looking for a navy blazer in a slim fitting size 40r (sleeves must be able to hit 26")   I am also looking to pick up a few more pairs of vass shoes and boot in size 44 (for U last)   Let me know what you have.   Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: