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how does the last fit, I am a 10-10.5 in an allen edmonds would these work?
The trial shirt is $60 bucks now that is what I was paying for a real shirt 2 weeks ago.
Well on the 6th revision of a shirt trying to fix the same 2 issues, so there is no point of ordering more than 1 at a time. other companies like modern tailor offer $20 trial shirts. I wish luxire had something like that. Going from $60 a shirt to $85 is a pretty major price increase.
Just checking but did Canada lose its free shipping.  If so its too bad as I will have to find another shirt maker.
yes the crease on top of my shoulders.  I have tried changing the yolk size 1" (to were it looks way too big) and back, however this does not eliminate this problem.
Hey guys, I have square shoulders and when I order shirts from luxire, I end up with a bump in the back that carries over the shoulder line.  It makes the shirt look a sloppy when wearing it without a jacket.  Does anyone know a fix for this problem?   Just a note, this shirt here is a little tight in the sleeve hole, but on the last one I ordered I had that fixed, however I still have that bump in the back.  
Hey I am looking for a navy blazer in a slim fitting size 40r (sleeves must be able to hit 26")   I am also looking to pick up a few more pairs of vass shoes and boot in size 44 (for U last)   Let me know what you have.   Thanks
Does anyone have a shipping address for there New Jersey, USA office?  I have a return to send in however I can't seem to find this address.
Ok, I will try shooting an email off to them.  Here is what seems to be at least one of the problems.   The white shirt is from my last order, the other two are from my new order.            
 Ya, I just checked that and it seems to be the case for me as well.  The armhole on my last shirt ordered was 10" and measures out to 10".  On the new shirts I got they were ordered as a 10" but measure out to being 9.25".  I think that explains why its uncomfortable to lift my arms in these shirts above 90 degrees, not sure if that would cause the yolk of the shirt to pull, or if that is another issue. What is the process for sending a complaint with luxire? Is there a...
New Posts  All Forums: