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its a mid weight but a looser weave, this one was made as a spring summer coat.  It has very nice drape and good for hot days.
A bit of a price drop.  I would have thought there would be more interest in an item like this.  It is one of the best built sports coats I have seen.
The coat sits a bit short but its made for that, I think it would look off if it were longer.  Take a look at some ring jacket pics the scale is fairly similar between the styles.
if you have a recommendation let me know but I have seen some pretty good reviews on kent wang products and it is nice to be able to order something in your size hassle free.
Hey wanted to ask a few question, before I pick up a charcoal trial suit.  I am from Canada and so I am very much worried about the return process.  Being that shipping is pretty expensive as well as duty costs are a fortune.  Has any member from Canada placed an order here?  If so how was your experience?
Up for sale is a new with tags Ring Jacket creamy waffle sport coat fit 236 in blue.  Its size 50 (40us) how ever it would fit a 38r better.   Let me know if you need any more details i can grab measurements if you need as well.   shoulder (straight across) 17.5 Chest (around) 40.5 waste (at middle button) 18.5" Length (from top of collar) 30 Sleeve 25.25" (sleeves are unfinished)
Well title pretty much says it all but I am looking for:   Ring jacket suits/blazers 40r/50 looking for 184 fit or similar   Vass U last 43.5   Carmina boots 9uk
Hey thanks guys
  Just got this back from the tailor, I would do a shoe shot, but sadly the pants came out too short.  Let me know what you guys think its my first time trying this suit on.   Shirt = Luxire Tie = Canali Suit = Ring Jacket
Hey was looking for some advice, I am trying to find a suit brand that works for me.  I took some quick pics of to suits I picked up last month and would like to know what you think of them, what you would change, which of the two looks better, and finally if you know of another brand that might work or works better?   Note: I know the first suit needs to have the pants lengthened.  Its my first time putting it on after it was tailored and I guess the guy goofed...
New Posts  All Forums: