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Is there a way to correct this problem I am having with my shirts.  I seem to get pulling over the shoulders on almost all shirts I order or buy.  Not sure what is causing this.  Here is a pic of the last shirt I got   http://postimg.org/image/rgw6retw3/
Hey, I finally got a shirt where I really like the fit, however I am not sure how to get rid of this problem (if it is possible) if anyone has any ideas please let me know, as this problem seems to happen to me on most shirts I get.  
I am a huge fan of your suiting, however I am always lost as to your styles and fits.  Currently I have found that with some tailoring I fit nicely into a style 184 however other models seem to be considerably smaller and were unwearable for me (ie style 236) Is there a place where a description of styles and fits is posted, or perhaps measurements for different styles.
Up for sale is a like new Billy Reid black leather jacket, size small.
Hey I need 4-5 good summerish shirts.  What would you guys recommend to cover me for most summer needs.
its a mid weight but a looser weave, this one was made as a spring summer coat.  It has very nice drape and good for hot days.
A bit of a price drop.  I would have thought there would be more interest in an item like this.  It is one of the best built sports coats I have seen.
The coat sits a bit short but its made for that, I think it would look off if it were longer.  Take a look at some ring jacket pics the scale is fairly similar between the styles.
if you have a recommendation let me know but I have seen some pretty good reviews on kent wang products and it is nice to be able to order something in your size hassle free.
Hey wanted to ask a few question, before I pick up a charcoal trial suit.  I am from Canada and so I am very much worried about the return process.  Being that shipping is pretty expensive as well as duty costs are a fortune.  Has any member from Canada placed an order here?  If so how was your experience?
New Posts  All Forums: