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Well, I read this thread then took a shot in the dark and ordered one off ebay. HERE!  I imagine it will not fit like nearly everything I purchase like this, but maybe my tailor can help me out.  Seems like a really good price for a staple piece.   Wish me luck.   Edit: I totally missed the fact that leatherfoot carries these, there store is only a few blocks away from me. 
Went there today, and I kind of have mixed feelings about the place, on the positive side, they have very nice looking pieces especially from a few feet back which is what 90% of the world cares about.  On closer look they seem to cut corners in every way possible (stitching, buttons, waist band etc) but really that's not as bad as it sounds as these pieces are dirt cheap. Around 450-550 for a suit and under 500 for a sport coat.  The fabric is nice enough that you wont...
any chance these have the steel toe taps on them?
 Fair enough.  I don't look at myself as entitled just a hard working guy that is trying to make the most out of his buck.  I also know our hockey team is pretty poor and being a army guy myself you can guess what I was doing during that snow storm.
 I was not hoping to get anything for free.  I just wanted to get a nice pair of pants while they were on sale.  I was going to buy them at the price they were offered at until I saw the 20% off discount for buying a gift card.  There was no mention of any restrictions when I bought the gift card.  When it did not work out I did not feel like something was stolen from me however, I did feel like I missed a great sale and I wont be getting the pants I wanted.
I have never seen a gift card that has ever had restrictions on it like that, they are always the equivalent to cash from the stores where they are acquired.  I am just upset because I spent money buying a gift card thinking I could purchase the sale items with it, only to find out that I did not receive the gift card number in time, and now that I cannot use my gift card to buy items on sale.  If I would have known this system better I would have just bought the items I...
 Wish I would have known that.  The sale on the items I wanted was far more than the 20% of the gift card.  Seems weird to have a gift card that is not equivalent to cash.
Hey when do you receive the gift card number I would like to order a few things while the sale is still on.
Does anyone here know what is causing the folds to appear over my shoulders, I have tried a few mtm shirt places and it seems that every shirt I get from them always has this problem.  
Does anyone know how to fix this problem with my luxire shirts.  everything else on the shirt fits prefect but I can't seem to fix the folds over the shoulders.  
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