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  This is where I tell you to F off right? Yep, pretty sure it is. You did give some useful responses, but I guess ultimately your snobbery got the best of you.   Not sure what I fooled you on, but I suppose you're easily fooled? Shuffle along, internet tough guy.    
Thank you Gents. You've effectively steered me from white bowtie and winged collar (the latter I had thought was a given for bowties, so thanks for that).    However... I still can't eliminate the low cut vest as a possibility. Just looks too sharp. Check out some examples below. Looks like a hybrid shawl/peak lapel and a look I'd like to go for.    
Too late sir, tuxedo is almost complete, but I don't regret it. I opted for the shawl simple because I like the look better, even if tradition dictates that peak is the most formal. I also wanted a slightly trendier look without getting something that will be obsolete next year; it seems shawl is the more popular lapel if the red carpet is any indication.    
I hear you guys loud and clear on the cummberbund being more complimentary to a shawl lapel, but why not a white bowtie?
Hello all, I need some advice on my wedding get-up.    I'm having a MTM black tuxedo made (shawl collar, 1 button, single breasted) and am deciding between a cummerbund/wasitcoat. The wife-to-be wants a white bowtie, and I actually like the idea as well. So this leaves me with either a white cummerbund or white waistcoat (assuming that the color must match the bowtie?).   I'm not crazy about the cummerbund look, especially in light of the fact that I'm not a...
They are doing everthing in-house- measurements, fittings, and construction.
Very good advice, thank you. I had built in a good buffer of time to handle alterations beyond the fittings, precisely because this is my first experience.
You hit on all the reasons why I'm having remorse about not pursuing the midnight blue! Argh.
The more I think about all this, the more I regret not pursuing the midnight blue. To the poster that said the MB photographs better- totally, 100% agreed. Ugh, talk about buyers remorse.
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