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Nice start...
Thanks Wes for the link. Great information, let us know how your modification turns out. 
Houston Rockets forward Terrence Jones was arrested in Portland early Wednesday morning and charged with harassment after yelling at a homeless man and stomping on his leg. Wacky!
  The Pacers hold the power to keep Paul George with the Blue and Gold. Not just because the situation seemingly fits him perfectly, but also because they have “Bird Rights” on George, as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It looks like they will sign him to an extension before October 31 ala John Wall. If the Pacers, Bulls, or Nets knock the Heat out of the finals, LBJ could pack his bags for LA LA Land for the final contract.          It is interesting to...
  +1 with Snoogz about letting the wife voice her opinion. Without knowing the specifics, I would suggest that you consider taking the job... You will learn a lot about a lot of things that you can always use in whatever you do. You will always be thinking what if, if you don't make a run at it... Good luck! 
Very nice! I love stuff like that!   With tax season, I have been unable to thrift much. Heading to Orange County CA for a few days, any special places that you recommend in the Dana Point / San Clemente area. Looks like a prime area for some nice finds.  
I have never been able to get the eBay calculated shipping to work. It is never consistant, especially in the Priority / Express shipments. It always seems to be under charging vesus actual charges. If you get it figured out let us know.
+1 - When I looked at the eBay global shipping program there were some strange shipping amounts that seemed not to help the seller. It may have changed from when I looked at it. I will review it again.    BTW, I recently opened a DHL account and the rates seem pretty reasonable to Europe and to South America.  
+3 Never renegotiate with terrorist buyers!  A negative feed back is not permanent, just part of the deal. Be sure to report the buyer. + 1  ~  Currently Express is the only method that ensures eBay Seller Protection Plan IMO - You can get a lot of items into the flat envelopes if you really try. . .     
Yes, but very dependent on condition and size. 
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