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I was just about to ask if the bluchers had the traditional sole, or if they went with the flat sole like the new ones have. Thanks for posting that picture. Now I just have to decide between Eastlands for $50 or the Beans for $70. Decisions, decisions.
Anyone going to the Hickey sale and willing to do some pick-ups? PM me.
I hadn't seen pictures of that Left Field denim until just now (saw BiG put it on their website, but they didn't have any pictures up at the time). Oh my...
Sorry, guys. sold pending payment.
For full disclosure, I bought this from the Gilt sale, was a bit wishy washy after getting it and trying it on, kept it in the box waiting for a time to wear it, and just decided that I would really never wear it. Very nice shirt, just not going to get any use out of it. Letting it go for $140 shipped in the US. Paypal only.
Seems like a lot of people picked up the earl grey (I did too in medium). I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse but that should change when it gets here.
Striped shirt is sold. Contrast collar still available.
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