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Does anyone have fade pics of the indigo corduroys?   Or any pics at all, for that matter?   I have never bought something online so fast. Those florals are amazing.
Thanks for the advice.  I'm definitely saving up for a black pair to go with my black cherry.  Being able to rotate would certainly help.  I don't have a foot sweat problem, but I'm used to fully drying out my shoes between wearings to keep them in good shape.   I put Sno Seal on my black cherry Beckman's last night, and I know some wanted pics of them after application to see whether they darkened, so here you go.  (Orange and bananas for color...
  I have my OCBDs starched at the cleaners.  
Got my cashmere v-neck yesterday.  Fit is slim and well proportioned.  I'm 5' 9" and 153, and the medium fits perfectly.  The material is thick and comparable to Brooks Brothers in construction and quality.  I'm very happy with it.   You guys nailed it on this one.     I did not risk the OCBD because the stated sleeve length on a medium is 35", which is ape-like in length.  Shorten the sleeves to 33", and I'll bite.  Also, at the $55 price point, I can pay $10 more...
I want to wear my GTs more, but I have to wait about two days between wears for the leather to dry out.  Even when it isn't raining, my feet sweat enough to get the sole a bit damp and cold to the touch.     How do you guys wear them every day?  Do you have a trick for keeping them dry?  Do you wear them anyway? 
FWIW, my 1st gen (washed many times) terry in medium measures:   length: 26" chest: 23" sleeve: 34"
  I think loose weight is the problem.    Other than the depth of the V, as I've said, I love the current shirt.  I'm interested to see the tapered version, but I can't promise to love it. 
What you all think I look like:       Closer to reality:   The small amount of hair I have is easily covered by all of my other V necks (Banana Republic, CK, Mossimo, Old Navy) but Armani Exchange and Everlane do not.  I'm annoyed by it because the Everlane shirt has the best construction and fabric.  
I just measured 3" vertically from my neck to the tip of the V.  Even if my girlfriend preferred hairless chests to my hairy one, that's too much skin for work.  Maybe the crew neck will work for me.  Part of my problem is my completely arbitrary opinion that a high V neck is dressier than a crew neck which is dressier than a low V neck.  I'm an academic, so I can get away with t-shirts and jeans, but I don't want to look like I just came from the beach.
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