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Small subset of my current auctions...all $9.50 starts with no reserve as usual.  PM me for discounted shipping.      BARELY WORN $200 Acne Jeans Mr Porter Max Raw Denim 33 x 30 Slim Fit Jeans ~ EUC     $285 Raleigh Denim Men's White Oak Cone Denim Selvedge Jeans 34 x 32 (tagged 33)     CURRENT 2014 Loro Piana $515 Brisbane 5-Pocket Beige Pants 34 ~ Barely Worn EUC     HOLIDAY PARTY Polo Ralph Lauren Flat Front Tartan Plaid Trousers Pants...
Auctions ending today and next Sunday.  All $9.50 starts with no reserve.      $750 Salvatore Ferragamo Men's 9.5 EE Brown Suede Chukka Boots Shoes ~ Worn Once       $650 Allen Edmonds "MacNeil" Burgundy Shell Cordovan 11 1/2 D 11.5 Wingtip Shoes     Current & Mint $230 J. Press Shaggy Dog Men's Large Green Shetland Wool Sweater     INCREDIBLE $7000+ Cifonelli Paris 100% Cashmere 42 R Sport Coat Jacket ~ MINT     NEW $1695 Ralph...
 Haha nice...I have a feeling we'll need to ask @ReubenR about that!
Dudes.  Let's all pause for a moment to enjoy this killer vintage Chipp tailoring.  It's around a 44 but N/A...gonna let the trads duke it out unless somebody here reeeeaaalllllly wants it.         
Wow, you're right...those reviews are quite bad.  Guess I won't bother trying it out. 
 I hear you...apparently the unit is great at removing wrinkles and unwanted smells though, rather than stain treatment or whatever.  I'm just thinking I list so much stuff that doesn't need much more than a good steam and fresh smell. 
Have you guys heard anything about this "Swash" home dry cleaning unit that's getting press lately?   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-28/p-g-whirlpool-skunkworks-cleans-your-smelly-shirts-fast.html   For anybody who does a lot of eBay volume (or has a wife who racks up dry cleaning bills like mine), sounds like it may be worth considering.  If I end up getting one I will report back on how well it actually works.
I've moved a few 100% cashmere Kiton suits in that same size, found at the same spot...so they're definitely out there.  But who knows.  This one fortunately works really well as a sportcoat regardless.
Wanted to make sure the auction had a bit of Kiton tailoring as well...figured hey, why not 100% cashmere while we're at it?  US size 46 for guys who may be interested.         Brian, thanks again for offering up the opportunity to help out for such a great cause.  Can't wait to see these auctions.
Cheers dude.  It's in great condition.  Likely an orphan but nice windowpane check so should move well as a sportcoat.  Size 46 (US) if anyone cares. 
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