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+1 Snoogz, these auctions are jaw droppers man...great work!  Will do my best to help get the word out.  Also bidding on at least half a dozen of those ties...
More $9.50 no reserve starts...NWT LVC selvedge, Etro, Arcteryx etc.  Mint Dior Homme, Cucinelli, Hackett, Gucci, Hermes, Corneliani for PRL...bottom line some of the best stuff I've ever listed.  Auctions end either this Sunday or next.    Discount shipping for SF members, as always.     NEW $260 Levi's Vintage Clothing 501 XX "Big E" 1966 Raw Selvedge Jeans 34 x 34     PRISTINE $650 Brunello Cucinelli Men's Small Slim Fit Classic Striped BD...
Small subset of my current auctions...all $9.50 starts with no reserve as usual.  PM me for discounted shipping.      BARELY WORN $200 Acne Jeans Mr Porter Max Raw Denim 33 x 30 Slim Fit Jeans ~ EUC     $285 Raleigh Denim Men's White Oak Cone Denim Selvedge Jeans 34 x 32 (tagged 33)     CURRENT 2014 Loro Piana $515 Brisbane 5-Pocket Beige Pants 34 ~ Barely Worn EUC     HOLIDAY PARTY Polo Ralph Lauren Flat Front Tartan Plaid Trousers Pants...
Auctions ending today and next Sunday.  All $9.50 starts with no reserve.      $750 Salvatore Ferragamo Men's 9.5 EE Brown Suede Chukka Boots Shoes ~ Worn Once       $650 Allen Edmonds "MacNeil" Burgundy Shell Cordovan 11 1/2 D 11.5 Wingtip Shoes     Current & Mint $230 J. Press Shaggy Dog Men's Large Green Shetland Wool Sweater     INCREDIBLE $7000+ Cifonelli Paris 100% Cashmere 42 R Sport Coat Jacket ~ MINT     NEW $1695 Ralph...
 Haha nice...I have a feeling we'll need to ask @ReubenR about that!
Dudes.  Let's all pause for a moment to enjoy this killer vintage Chipp tailoring.  It's around a 44 but N/A...gonna let the trads duke it out unless somebody here reeeeaaalllllly wants it.         
Wow, you're right...those reviews are quite bad.  Guess I won't bother trying it out. 
 I hear you...apparently the unit is great at removing wrinkles and unwanted smells though, rather than stain treatment or whatever.  I'm just thinking I list so much stuff that doesn't need much more than a good steam and fresh smell. 
Have you guys heard anything about this "Swash" home dry cleaning unit that's getting press lately?   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-28/p-g-whirlpool-skunkworks-cleans-your-smelly-shirts-fast.html   For anybody who does a lot of eBay volume (or has a wife who racks up dry cleaning bills like mine), sounds like it may be worth considering.  If I end up getting one I will report back on how well it actually works.
I've moved a few 100% cashmere Kiton suits in that same size, found at the same spot...so they're definitely out there.  But who knows.  This one fortunately works really well as a sportcoat regardless.
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