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  as far as I can tell, they are only releasing the new sizes on their newer models, and it appears lots are already sold out (navy plain Napoli in size 34R for example)
Chocosa, I'm originally from the SF Bay area, but I've moved to the East coast to finish school and start my life   Merry Christmas Styleforum 
Just a FYI for everyone...   They are releasing more sizes (34R and 36S) and are currently in the process of updating their site.   I ordered the blue plain Lazio yesterday and have been receiving some emails from their CS.   Just thought i'd share, Merry Christmas 
  Chocsosa, I didn't know you were a fellow Californian...   For some reason I thought you were british 
Liam O, your pics are upside down 
Ugh, this is why I hate my stats... So hard to find good fitting good quality stuff without spending an arm and a leg      I'm gonna drive up to the Georgetown store this weekend and see if any of their other models fit better (fingers crossed) if not, then so much for that brand...     Thanks for the critique! 
Washington SC arrived today.   I am unsure on whether or not I should keep it. I am in love with the quality and it feels like with some alterations it should fit.   The length of the jacket needs about 1.5" shortened, the sleeves as well, I rolled up the right sleeve to see what it would look like if they were the right length. The first picture is weird because I couldn't get a perfect back shot with it on so yeah... IMO the best picture is the second...
Wednesday I'm rather short (5'6") so I went with a double fih today. I'm also wearing a camel top coat (not fully pictured) as I left in a rush to get to work. Also, my suit supply SC arrives today, woot!
Ordered the navy washington SC, it will arrive on Wednesday and is being shipped directly from the motherland (Netherlands)   I can't wait!
First post   I was searching through SF to find this thread and while looking through the SW&D WAYWRN I was so shocked at some of the pictures on that thread . Anyway, i'm glad I found THIS thread as I think my casual style fits this better.   Anyway, since it's my first post, do you guys think my tie knot is too big for my collar?        
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