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Jester, that jacket looks fantastic! what size are you if you don't mind me asking?
no fit pics?   this thread needs less questions and more pics
  They just pinned and told me the costs in store, the alterations I had done were too complex to do in-store (shorten sleeve from shoulder, shorten jacket length, shorten trousers with cuffs)   Either way they did a fantastic job and I got it back shortly... The staff at the Georgetown spot were very helpful as well
I have had nothing but top notch customer service as well.   I ordered a Washington sportcoat and returned it, was refunded 2 days after they received it.   I also had a suit sent in for alterations and it came back perfect
I should have been more clear, for the Napoli to fit good you have to have the physique for it - for instance on Chocsosa the Napoli fits beautifully, on myself the shoulder pads are too wide and it creates dimples, everything else fits me perfect (and that is why it frustrates me so much). Luckily the Lazio, Havana and Sienna fits are perfect on me...   Pingu, post up some nice pics when you get a chance   also CousinDonuts  
Pingu, horrible pictures make it hard to tell if the fit is correct     From experience and from looking at your pics, I hate the Napoli shoulder
I am debating on picking up that navy Soho DB jacket   hmmmmmm
  and I bet this thread is part of that reason  there are TONS of people who lurk these forums, I know because I used to be one of them. Part of me wishes that the pictures could be only accessible to members so we wouldn't get sniped 
Give it a shot, free returns, what have you got to lose?   Based on the measurements, the Havana cut seems perfect. I will be buying some Havana SCs soon, but I'm also waiting to see what they will launch for the Spring campaign
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