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Thanks for the replies. I am going to have to look into this sloping shoulder. The there is no doubt that the forward sloping is a result of my computer usage.   The shirt is from Modern Tailor, and as far as the base pattern thing, is the problem that it doesn't line up? If it is, for me i think the extensive catalogue of fabrics make up for it as I didn't even notice it.   Unfortunately for the collars on MT, there is no shorter back hight for the spread...
UPDATE: Well this is my 3rd MTM shirt. I want to get some opinions on the fit before I keep ordering more. Everything seems good, except the crinkling in the front of the shirt, below the armhole. I'm not too sure what the fix would be, but either way i am pretty satisfied with the fit.   Feedback always appreciated. Thanks           
              Scratch-n-sniff                                                                                                   ^^^The fourth photo is not an accurate representation of the color.  
    I got them as my first pair of raw because they fit the best. I was not overly impressed with the smell at first and questioned my purchasing decision, but now i am happy i went with them. The smell is only strong for the first day, and I cant even smell them any more unless i put my face up the them(which is good because they always smell good). I love the color. The fades are pretty minimal so far but i have only worn them for probably 20 days. I hot soaked them so...
I had no luck finding any shirts in my price range that fit at Colin O'Brians. Plus, I like shirts without a pocket so that added to the challenge. I ordered new shirts from MT so hopefully they fit.
  Pretty tough to find UK or Euro brands in Regina Saskatchewan. I have tried Boss Black  15" collar shirts, they fit well except for the neck, and the 15.5" collars were too big.
I washed them like that to realize the most they would likely ever shrink. I realize this throws off the measurements a little, but I would rather have measurements be a little too big, than a little too small. But maybe I shouldn't have gone to that extreme. As for my posture, maybe it is the pictures or something, but they look pretty normal in real life...I think. Other than that, thanks for all the comments. I will be adding a bit to the yoke, make the cuffs larger,...
The cuffs are too tight for sure. I will be fixing that. I ordered it from Modern tailor. It has been washed 2 times on hot and dried on max, just for the purpose of seeing how much it would shrink. Should the yoke be bigger or not?
Black umbrella and Shirtmaven, I appreciate the comments. So from the values I listed above for my next shirt I should change my yoke to 18.5, and half waist to 18? The reason I had the darts and the narrow waist measurement was to try and get rid of some of the extra fabric on my lower back. Anything I can do about the pattern or posture problem? Students budget so price is a factor.    Thanks 
balck unbrealla- I assume shirt scars are the creases on the elbow? As well, my apology for the urls, the photos were taking forever to load so I didnt try the url method for photos. Fixed though.   a tailor- I meant 'altered' to mean for my next shirt. I changed it to 'next shirt' to try and avoid the confusion.  
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