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 If it is the 973 boots then they're derby, which is the MTO I got in on with dark brown pebble.
 I might be interested in a dark brown make-up with these specs.
 Sorry, I'm only interested in burgundy shell cordovan.
 Yeah I know it is sketchy when it would be made, but it doesn't hurt to get in line.
Anyone interested in doing a Carmina GMTO for a Rain lasted wingtip boot in Burgundy shell cordovan on a double sole (I'm open to leather, dainite or otherwise)?
 Love that but doubt they stock my needed wide width...
 First in!
 The PTBs are fantastic!
 To share my personal experience, I'm a 8.5E US and 7.5 wide UK in both the Rain and Forest lasts.  The regular width doesn't work for me on either last.  The Carmina wide width fits very similarly to a typical E in the more traditionally fitting Alden (Aberdeen, Plaza, and Grant) or Allen Edmonds lasts (1 and 7).
 So tempted to copy...  Love this.
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