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  This is perfectly in good order. Just as you have mentioned there is no need to spend heavily neither would it be wise at  all to go for a cheap suite that leaves you regreting. Your presense matters most here, and a nevy white chino is a perfect  pick for the occassion.  
  This is a great  deal. I have a soft spot for two buttoned coats/blazers since they always give an elegant outlook. Well  This is a great deal and there is no question about going for it.  
I have been to Nairobi and Kenya to be specific.   This is a place you can share a life time moment that will not easily fade from your mind.  I had an opportunity to visit their sunny beaches at Mombasa. A great moment to be in your shorts, sandals or other beach wear.   The country is also a home to great animal parks with a wide range of animals.  The people are friendly this even makes the trip a better experience.    Well if you are worrying about...
In my opinion the idea of being in a suit to work is rather old fashioned. Well I agree to the fact that a suit is the perfect tool to give a positive first impression to your interviewers, bosses or even workmates but trust me this is slowly fadding away. Someone earlier on just mentioned that if you went to a LinkedIn, Google or Apple interview the guys would just be left laughing behind.     All in all it depends with the profession you are in. Too bad the sales...
A long rain coat....  A cap the....... A scarf.  Before getting going for my boots or rubber foot wear I have to access how bad the weather is. Normal shoes can still work well if the rain is not intense. I only have to give them a slight wipe once I am settled. 
Woow! great watches here I do not own a watch but to be honest there is a real deal here that can easily lure me. For the prices I again say that this is a real deal. Just wondering where to get them from London, anyone with an idea?
I also suggest pediwear to you. It a great fashion that am sure you will like.
Suede shoes are good for worm weathers.  I also mine over summer and feel very comfortable.  I have not tried them in rain but am glad to see the video ^.  A water proof suede protector is a good idea. This automatically makes suede shoe a all season wear.   Well on the other hand I still think that when other people can be in closed shoes over summer this may not work for others.  Some people tend to sweat very much and feel uncomfortable in them. 
Obama will always be the man for me. Love everything about him
Drinking ????? Not with his cigar.....ha
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