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That Barbour Sedgwick jacket looks pretty good... we've not had much rain this year in California but I might look for one of these on sale in preparation for the next rainy season.
The Barbour's great on the bike (it has interior removable protective padding and is nice and warm even without the zip-in lining) and I was up in St Andrew's in January and I used it as my winter coat, worked a treat. I remember the discussion on the other board, not sure why I never chimed in. I remembered this clipping that was posted by designer Grahame Fowler of scooterists in Barbours... they have mod haircuts but are described in the text as 'Mockers' because of...
Those brogue boots third from the left on the top shelf look the business!
Thanks for this thread. I enjoy following the other one very much but feel I am there more to listen and learn than to contribute, since I wasn't born til 1970. This is 2014 and I like to live in the modern world although my personal style is very much influenced/inspired by elements of what was worn in the 60s, it's more because those pieces are timeless; but how to wear them in 2014 without looking like you are wearing a 'skinhead halloween costume'? Today I am in Clarks...
Ugh, he looks pretty silly for a man of his age... they could have kept it classic but instead gave him 'rebellious' DMs and ill-fitting troosers. What a shame. It's a kids programme anyway.
Speaking of Baracuta, I got an email in my inbox this morning advertising these monstrosities: http://us.baracuta.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-WPBAWO-US-Site/en_US/Search-Show?cgid=br_fleece       a far cry from cashmere and the union flag on the collar takes the biscuit...
A mate sent me this review of "Mod-A Very British Style" from the London Review of Books... not very favourable, sounds like another cash-in attempt...    http://www.lrb.co.uk/v35/n16/ian-penman/even-if-you-have-to-starve
Pheeewww... went home to Scotland on holiday for two weeks (experienced warm weather in the UK for the first time in years!) and it's taken me a week to catch up!  Lot of interesting stuff about trainers/pumps etc, great contributions from everyone.  Back here in San Francisco I stopped in to the Allen Edmonds shop to look at/try on the Macneil longing to compare it to the Alden. It's a nice fit and a decent shoe but I still think I prefer the Alden. In burgundy...
Looking at these Grenson brogues, look pretty good for the price...  http://www.endclothing.com/brands/grenson/grenson-sid-long-wing-brogue.html
I have a pair of the Tricker's monkey boots in oxblood and I like them a lot, although they did take a long time to wear in. 
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