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Modern Florsheims get a bad rap on here, for good reason usually, but I just noticed these Cordovan imperial longwings on their site: http://www.florsheim.com/shop/style/11416-602.html "hand-cobbled" from US-made Horween leather but the site does not 100% say they are made in USA so I would assume not. Still, the price is competitive for Cordovan at $575 with free shipping and they have a 25% off promo code running right now 2FALL which makes them $430. If I had spare...
I'll leave this here without comment: http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/21347/1/the-skinhead-revolution-is-coming
Me too, I wear them all the time - sand suede for spring/summer and oxblood horween leather for the rest of the time, especially for motorcycling. I wear those the most actually because they're my favorite shoes for riding the motorbike and I commute on it nearly every day. I messed up my sand suede ones on the bike, got oil on the toe of my shifting foot. I was able to get them reasonably clean but they're relegated to non-bike days now, as are my Florsheim wingtips. I...
Yeah you're probably right... I suppose I was hoping for sort of 'gentlemen's country outfitters' with lambswool sweaters & rugged brogues!I avoid technical stuff for everyday wear but I do have a Patagonia jacket for hiking, some technical cycling gear, and one or two 'moisture-wicking' t shirts for exercising. Very purpose-specific though.
I'm going to be in the Lake District in a couple of weeks for the first time since family holidays in the 70s... any suggestions of shops to check out? Likewise I will be spending a few days in London and I'm curious if there's anywhere new that's popped up?
American Graffiti was huge for me as a (Scottish) kid, but I always had my eye on America... it's no wonder I ended up here. Small nitpick point Yankmod, American Graffiti isn't set in LA, it's set in the Central Valley (Modesto) although mostly filmed in San Rafael, north of San Francisco.
This is one of the variations of mine, McNaughton. Have a kilt in this tartan that I wore to get married 19 years ago, I'm wearing it to another wedding this year but I had to get it let out a bit! I've thought about having a harrington made with this lining. I also have a scarf of this tartan that my gran bought me years ago that I wear all winter. I am Scottish so I think I can get away with it ;)
I agree on the loafers and slip on shoes in general.Disagree on the monkey boots, as long as they're not the cheap'n'cheerful variety.White socks only for the gym.Turnups on jeans - always. I never wear leather or suede jackets, and haven't owned a leather jacket (it was kinda Fonzie/John Travolta in Grease style) since the 70s. I appreciate them on other people though. I just think they look weird on me. Would maybe do a suede Levi's trucker jacket but I prefer to keep my...
They are sold through a shop here in San Francisco called Union Made, and through the Union Made website. I've never seen them in any other shops. Pretty sure they ship internationally. http://unionmadegoods.com/
I haven't picked up any of their sport shirts but I stocked up on their $79 made in usa oxfords while they were doing them, such a bargain. They only did them in white, blue, and blue university stripe I think. Now they have expanded their made in usa line but have bumped the prices almost double. I recently picked up a pair of Clark's desert boots in Horween leather. They were made overseas like all Clark's now but at least I know the leather came from the US and is good...
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