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This is true and it's something that's always bugged me when I see (for example) current-day Mods with patches of punk bands on their parkas etc... I mean each to their own but it seems odd.I also see a lot of Trojan Records badges, 'Keep The Faith' patches, etc in use nowadays but not so much on pictures of originals. I have been guilty of the occasional badge on a denim jacket (usually no more than one or two, on the pocket, and preferably of the enamel sort) but they...
Definitely. I don't think either band released a record til '79.
http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/history/first-worn-britain-1960-dr-10275811   Another bit of nonsense dressed up as journalism... the picture says 1970s and I'd have to say very late 70s at a guess...  
Both look not bad. I prefer the second ones myself as I'm not a huge fan of the toe stitching. I like the reddish-brown colour, more so than pure brown. 
Yeah I suppose for a select few in the big smoke, punk was about bondage trousers etc, but for the American set (and certainly round my way) jeans didn't really go away 
Saw a short talk by writer Paul Trynka the other day. He used to edit MOJO and authored biographies of Iggy Pop, Bryan Jones, and others.  The talk was on the connection between denim and music. It was flawed in some places but he did make some interesting points, one of which was that each successive musical/cultural generation tried to distance itself from the previous one by starting something new, but they often adopted the same 501 jeans. It does sometimes strike me...
I'm another Scot in the bay area (grew up near Glasgow but moved to SF in 1995), funny I don't recognize you from 'out and about' but then I'm a bit of a homebody these days... we probably know some of the same people though. Maybe we should have a US meetup with Botolph, Yankmod etc since I don't think I'll be able to make a London gathering any time soon!Allan
Something different... images of record shop bags from 1960-1990 some of these might bring back memories. http://flashbak.com/british-record-store-bags-1960-1990-35773/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork
I'm actually from near Glasgow, Scotland funnily enough, but I've been in the bay area for 20 years, first the Mission in SF then Oakland since 2000. Got out at the right time I reckon!
Been away for a bit and catching up on this thread... welcome AYP! I'm in Oakland and like Botolph I caught your drift in this post... enough said...
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