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I got 9 shirts today in the mail and all of them are great EXCEPT the White V-Necks (Size Large).  Why do the White V-Necks have a HUGE V-Neck compared to the other colors?  I got every color V-Neck and the White ones are nearly twice the size in the neck compared to the other colors.... did I miss a message somewhere or something?  What gives?   Everything else is amazing.  
    I hope so, otherwise I'm going to have a lot of shirts to return   Hopefully we can get a confirmation before they ship out.  
    Yup.  I'm 6'3" and I wear a large...  Its the perfect length right now, if it was any longer it would look like a nightgown.
Is the new taper going to be incorporated on all the shirts that are size L or just certain ones?  I can't wait for the next batch to arrive!
Yeah I know all of the shirts I got are size large.  I would love 2 inch taper in the waist.  The rest of the shirt fits perfectly for me but the waist bags out, especially in the back for me -- I think the taper would totally fix this!
I just got my first Everlane shirts in the mail....  The quality is great and the fit is pretty good.  The fit would be much better for me with the tapered version... are these coming out in the near future?   I would love to buy a ton of the tapered ones 
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