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More show n' tell plz Drew.
What about Indeed? Or Linkup. They're both pretty solid (spam free?) job search engines.
Quote: Originally Posted by oomegaoo Le sigh, I wish my jacket fit like that... I think if you put on 10-15 lbs in your upper body, you'd have that fit.
Mabitex Khaki Cotton BNWT, Size 48. These were purchased off of user jrd recently and they didn't fit like I wanted. Selling for $55 shipped CONUS. Khaki cotton - W 32.5, R 9.5, LO 7.75
Very sexy jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I could use a PA. I pay exclusively in high fives and encouraging ass slaps though. LOL!!!
What do you guys think? Dark/light grey MDR, or black MDR? Having a hard time choosing a color... I'm eventually going to pick up a black moto once it gets updated so I'm trying to diversify my leather colors. The sample pics of the MDR are light grey right?
TOJ Winter Varsity Black/White and Grey/White Sz 50 These are brand new TOJ Raglan Winter Varsities for sale. Unfortunately, southern California never gets cold enough to justify wearing these... so I am going to let them go at very reasonable prices! Priced to sell: $235 within continental US Colorway: Black/White Colorway Size: 50 (Large) with size 48 sleeves Measurements (Grey/white) s2s: 19.5" p2p: 22.2" body front: 24.6" body back: 25.6" sleeves:...
nice jacket. free bump.
Drew, please make the minimalist moto soon. I've been itching to send my funds to TOJ while my tax returns are still in tact. Excited for the bomber re-design as well!
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