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Quote: Originally Posted by mrchariybrown Hey guys, Just wanted to remind everyone that after today I will no longer be on the business end of TOJ. However, TOJ unit/family/whatever you want to call it, forevzzzzz lol happy jawnz upon all. - Charly Thanks for err'thang Charly. You will be missed.
More show n' tell plz Drew.
What about Indeed? Or Linkup. They're both pretty solid (spam free?) job search engines.
Quote: Originally Posted by oomegaoo Le sigh, I wish my jacket fit like that... I think if you put on 10-15 lbs in your upper body, you'd have that fit.
Mabitex Khaki Cotton BNWT, Size 48. These were purchased off of user jrd recently and they didn't fit like I wanted. Selling for $55 shipped CONUS. Khaki cotton - W 32.5, R 9.5, LO 7.75
Very sexy jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I could use a PA. I pay exclusively in high fives and encouraging ass slaps though. LOL!!!
What do you guys think? Dark/light grey MDR, or black MDR? Having a hard time choosing a color... I'm eventually going to pick up a black moto once it gets updated so I'm trying to diversify my leather colors. The sample pics of the MDR are light grey right?
TOJ Winter Varsity Black/White and Grey/White Sz 50 These are brand new TOJ Raglan Winter Varsities for sale. Unfortunately, southern California never gets cold enough to justify wearing these... so I am going to let them go at very reasonable prices! Priced to sell: $235 within continental US Colorway: Black/White Colorway Size: 50 (Large) with size 48 sleeves Measurements (Grey/white) s2s: 19.5" p2p: 22.2" body front: 24.6" body back: 25.6" sleeves:...
nice jacket. free bump.
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