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the pinnacle of this thread
That guy is you drew. Not the hero that we deserved, but the hero that we needed......................................!
pics please.... must .... keep.... thread .... alive!!!!!!
can someone link me to the closeup pics of the new zips?
Terrible at the search function, so could someone remind me of the comparisons between calf/goat/lamb? The closeup texture photo of that goat is making me wanna change my order.
Need some opinions. Blacked out hardware on a black moto. Yay or nay?
I guess it depends on how you like it... I'm about your height and I have a DR with lengths 23" front & 25" back.
For anyone who can answer this, has the price point of the new business model been discussed at all? Moving away from mtm will we see a shift in pricing at all or will it remain relatively the same?
Hopefully during the hiatus this thread will live on...
I think 100 pages back there was some guy b*tching about that and it started some fiasco... don't be that guy.
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