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"all out TOJ: the end sale" as in sample sale?
I'm with you brother... stay strong.
Has anyone gotten their tracking yet for the latest shipment?
I ordered at cutoff and still in the wait. Charly said it'd be shipped by next week though. So I was probably one of the very last to order at cutoff!
the circumference of your wrist is not a legitimate sizing concern... especially for the bomber. Everything else seems fine. "Trust Charly"
I'm in the 18 week club as well
I think your s2s would be more indicative of proper sizing. Since your sz 48 leather fits well, it's safe to say sizing up one for the other two is logical based on feedback from the masses.
same boat, same emotions. =p
Same happened to my mdr... I try to ignore it =/
looking smoothe gbear
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