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Anyone want to sell me their sz 42 chelsea they got from one of the sales these past few weeks?
a simple yes or no would have sufficed
raw jacket sir
originally from south sj (morgan hill), currently in san diego.
rofl that is horrendous!
You guys know what this is... brand new, tried on once. Here are the measurements: front shoulders:18.5 p2p: 22 midsection 19.9 waist 20.4 frontlength 23.5 backlength: 25.5 sleeve: 25.5" width @ pit: 7.7
hypebeast has 30% off sitewide and carries apc's
what's the longest anyone's had their goods stuck in customs for? fucking LAX......
See Drew, all you needed was a fit-pic to quench the woes of the naysayers.
I am. No post-order mods and four incorrectly projected ship dates later ...
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