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It's Escada Sentiment.  Thanks for your interest.
Cleaning out my colognes as there as I find myself only wearing a select few.  As you can see, these bottles are 75% plus full.  $30/each or $120 for the lot.
Open to Offers!
I purchased this jacket a couple of years ago and it has been lightly worn and extremely well kept. I still have all the tags and cards that came with the jacket originally. For sizing, I wear a 16x34 shirt and 40-42R coat and this jacket fits me perfectly. Here's the original description of the jacket: Get the legendary fit and weatherproof protection of an iconic Barbour jacket with a slimmer cut and a lightweight, 4-oz. Sylkoil-wax-finished pure cotton fabric. A...
Just got my Venetian Loafers back from re-soling with Lactae Hevea soles, which are by far, the most comfortable soles I've ever walked on.  I feel like I'm walking on clouds.  
I have a pair of Venetian Loafers that are ready to have their soles replaced.  Unfortunately, the thin soles and heels wore out pretty quickly.  Here they are: Choice No. 1) Amazonas Camp Sole   Choice No. 2) Plantation Crepe Wedge   Choice No. 3) Reltec Lactae Hevea   
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