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+1 and I'm out as well
I don't understand all the hostility and snide remarks. I was under the impression this was a gentleman's forum where we could have respectable conversations... Oh well. Class and style, as I see, do not go hand in hand.
    I appreciate the criticism & I can respect your thoughts on it. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there. I think there is definite beauty in mismatching and in matching. ESPECIALLY in spring. At the end of the day, I feel style is about having fun. I'm blessed to have a closet deep enough that the safer more conventional things that are normally seen are kind of a given. And like I said, I respect your opinion deeply and I don't judge it as I used to think very...
    Thought I'd stop spectating and start participating        
Also, her bridesmaids also wore the same color, but different dresses. 
Well, after reading through this thread I thought I'd chime in with my 0.02    When I got married, I had a bespoke tux made. White with black pants. Casablanca was my inspiration. Although the pocket square was black.    My groomsmen did not all wear the SAME outfit (same suit from same store), but they were all required to wear a black tux with a black bow tie. (Tux's with Bowties) The result was great. It didn't look like one of those crappy rental weddings....
I believe it's a mixture of both.    Like I said, James Bond might not be real. But when building the character the train of thought goes:   What would the sleekest, classy guy in the world drive? And they answer it with Aston Martin. Same goes for everything else. However, I agree with what your point is trying to express. Dress in what you think looks good. And don't break the bank on a suit you think will make you look like James Bond. There are thousands of...
It's great to see how many different cars people on here drive.    I drive a BMW 1 series M coupe, or 1M for short. It's by far the funnest car I've ever had/driven. Doesn't hurt that it was a limited run and has kind of become an instant classic!
He might not be, but his portrayals on film are!   The fascination with James Bond is that he is a fictional character, crafted to be what every man 'aspires' to be. From his Aston, to his wristwatches, and his way with women. He also gets to be the hero which every man daydreams inside his head while typing reports in his office/cubicle/circus trailer/etc.   But I do agree with others. The fascination with a brand should be because of what the product brings to...
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