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lucky for me, i just sent some oxfords back to suddenlee for exchange, so i ended up making 10 bucks on that deal, including shipping both ways!   edit: i guess it's just saving $10. but it feels like making $10 :|
yeah mines a bit floppy on one side and seems to have stretched a bit.     [[SPOILER]]    
indeed...went looking for more info and saw it on sale and welp, guess i bought one.   there's a large left, if anyone wants http://www.norsestore.com/commodity/11364     in epaulet news, got my buffalo check shirt today. fit is amazing as usual, and the fabric is supersoft. i wish i hadn't seen how epaulet shirts fit one me, cause now i want to replace all my shirts!
also wondering this. medium is a little bit loose all around on me, and i think small might be too small...   also what exactly does having the box pleat on the back removed do? i've seen it mentioned a few times. will it give them a more fitted look?
it's not listed on the site because uniqlo asked them to stop advertising it, but just use the "bookmarklet" the same you would with any site. they definitely still do proxy for uniqlo.
well i'd wash and bleach before sending back to get out the bbq stains (i have to truly test the before/after dinner concept) but i guess an extra shot in the package couldn't hurt.
thanks guys, i will try a medium AD and large BD and see which i prefer.   mauro - could you PM me the measurements when you get a chance? no rush, i will probably wait for some of the upcoming stuff to place an order.   did i read something about a new website coming soon? the current one is a little... sparse. it works though :P
so i have had these jeans for about a month and i've never really gotten opinion on how they fit. anyone care to comment?   3sixteen st-120x... hemmed to 32" for now. i will probably hem them again after i wash. ignore shoes, i just wear them around the house to keep them from dragging on the ground.     [[SPOILER]]  
good idea. i will take some measurements of shirts i feel fit well after work today.   generally a pretty average build though...almost always wear a medium, although sometimes i will size down to small. 5'11", 165 lbs, 39" chest, 32" waist. not super skinny so i think i will be going with the After Dinner cuts.
new tote holder here (thanks mauro!)... is there somewhere i can find measurements for items? interested in some knickers, chinos and obviously shirts.
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