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i don't know what my balance is for the linen chambray...   i paid $75 earlier, is it another $75 to pay in full? (tote holder)
i would measure the waist on your jeans currently and buy an inch or so under that, since they'll stretch. 31 is probably a good choice - i am about the same size and that's what i went with (for ST model, similar measurements though)   my 31s now measure about 34" in the waist - have not soaked them at all yet though.
yes, anything. just enter discount code when you check out.
nice boots, wish they were bigger!
it's the ashland summer oxford, sold out a couple weeks ago.
it's several people though... this thread/forum is for giving feedback and several people have expressed a similar opinion.   it's not a big enough deal to go MTM and i still love the shirts, but i don't see anything wrong with critiquing the current fits, especially when mauro is considering other changes anyway.
yeah i have no problems with sleeve length even after washing could definitely use an inch or 2 more in the shirt length
i gotta disrespect intended but what is with the uncle/nephew thing going on in this thread?
yeah what the hell are you guys talking about it's too tight for him? there's no pulling at the buttons or anything...looks good to me. maybe a little tight in the arms but there's not much you can do about that. a size up would definitely look worse imo.
it took me about a week but i'm in love with this spring oxford, mauro. just ordered 1 more and the melon gingham too    when are the linen chambrays supposed to be done again?
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