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They haven't faded much yet, I'm thinking about washing them soon.  
As Mauro mentioned, I had a chance to stop by and see some of the upcoming stuff. I also picked up the polka dot linen shorts, the material is really cool. I need to start saving money for Fall because there are going to be some awesome knits and sweathshirts. 1. The new overdyes are awesome, the washing process for these makes them softer than the last batches I've tried. 2. The thickest cableknit cardigan I've ever seen - it was cream and used a cashmere blend. The rest...
Here's a few pictures of the grey blazer:
For a reference, I usually wear a Medium BD or a Small AD and Mauro recently measured me at a 39.5 chest.   With the new dress shirts, I tried a 15.5 BD and a 16 BD and ultimately went with the 16 for slightly more chest room. Shrinkage was minimal and the shirt fits great. There was not a huge size difference going up in the neck size... if you aren't sure about the BD sizing, just size up 0.5 in the neck from your normal size and a wash or two will get it about right....
 I think you're talking about these crazy indigo dyed pants. I need to get them hemmed for a normal picture but I got some good shots of the material (the color on the first photo is the most accurate): I like how it's not too heavy, and the texture is really soft... kind of a basketweave. I haven't worn it outside in the hot weather yet, so we'll see how it breathes later. It seems like it would be an awesome transition piece into fall. The indigo is awesome, and it's...
 Sounds like we need a new category for "Weekend Sandpaper Warriors"
Some pictures of one of the new dress shirts.     
Guess I'm going to enter in the weekend warriors category too, I can't wear jeans at work but plan on wearing these as much as possible... they are really comfortable. I tried on my old redemption jeans this morning and they were too tight, so I got these from Mauro this afternoon. I also blue my hands just touching them while walking...    
Do you have the blazer at your place? Would be really cool to check out when I pickup that awesome wavy stripe shirt.
Any news on the new dress shirts? I've been waiting to get some solid options for work.
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