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These underwear bring me unparalleled support and a renewed confidence in my stride.
Billy Reid Charcoal Bond Peacoat from last season, worn a dozen times. The charcoal version was 100% wool last year (they now make it with a blend). I'm a 38-39 and this fits me fine with enough room to layer. The arms were tailored and now measure 24" from the shoulder seam. There's enough material to take it out an inch (see picture). Price is $415 shipped to the continental US, paypal preferred.
I loved the heavyweight flannel from last year, I'm going to need to pick up another when they come out. Is the Donegal Chambray wool?
 The fit is nearly the same in the chest and has slightly more narrow armholes. Don't get the BD if the AD is already a bit snug in the waist. I don't think this has changed with newer shirts. If you don't mind the length of the large, you should be ok.
I was able to try them on in person. I'm pretty much a true 32 based on measuring tape and the 31 fit me the best. Slim, but not tight and I can wear them without a belt. I could have gone TTS as well but the waist would have been a bit loose. I normally wear a 31 in epaulet's rivet chinos if that helps. These in 31 are slimmer than the rivets.
Loving the new chinos, fit is great and the 60s blue is an awesome color for spring/summer.
Yep definitely, just trying to be thorough. 
 My small BD matches the chart exactly (the arm was .25 longer, but that may have been how i measured)
I was a Small BD in the previous run of overdyes, and I'm a Small BD this time as well. The only differences I see are the sleeves being a touch longer and the chest has a bit more breathing room, which makes it the perfect ocbd for me. For reference, 38" chest, 15.5" neck, 18" shoulders.
Papaya overdye sneak peek (first pic is closer to the true color):    
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