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Lightly worn, Size 32 Walt trousers from Epaulet's factory finds, received at the end of 2012. These fit more like a TTS 32 than other walts due to the thick material.   The fabric is very thick and have been hemmed to about a 28" inseam with 2" cuffs. There is about 5 - 5.5" of fabric that can be let out due to the cuff and the hem doesn't have a sharp crease due to the thickness.   I strongly prefer paypal, and the price is $100$90 shipped anywhere in the continental...
For the contest... Tobacco x Tobacco:  
 I'm gonna need a pair of these shorts for summer, so awesome.
Haha, that is awesome... o
Are there going to be other sweat knickers in cheaper fabrics (like the salt n pepper)? I'd like to give them a try but they are a pretty big investment this year.
I do a Medium BD and a Small AD. The chest measurement is the same, just a difference in the armholes and darts really, and I like the fit of both. The AD is usually roomy at first but slims down a bit after some washes, it's still slim but not nearly as tapered.... and the fit is close to a jcrew small.
Awesome news on the linen; I have linen shorts, sport jacket, and shirt on my list to get this summer.
Created an account to post this? Tell us how you really feel. Mauro has been awesome from the start and has always gone out of the way to make things right if a certain fabric or fit is off. I really don't know what prompted this, but starting a sentence with "Not trying to be a dick" doesn't really help your case.
Mine shrunk down to a nice fit after a few washes. It's still a little lose in the waist, but a nice change from last year... I pretty much have to wear those as base layers. Went with my normal shirt size this year, wish there were more mediums in stock,
If it's the same railroad stripe from the MTO run back in September, it's a thicker fabric than you are probably expecting. Mine is pretty beefy.
New Posts  All Forums: