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Any news on the new dress shirts? I've been waiting to get some solid options for work.
The waist is truer to size on the new chinos, I'll probably only need to take it in 1/4 inch at the tailor when I get them hemmed. They are still slim but sizing up worked out fine... If you have the last round of predator chinos, I sized up 2 from those and the waist isn't too far off.
 It's not too bad and has some stretch. I had to size up from a 31 to a 33 in the new chinos for the slim thighs but i'm still a 31 in these knickers.
I'm sorry I ever doubted the sweat knickers. These things are awesome, I'm going to wear them every weekend until it gets too hot. BTW, for anyone that was on the fence, these things are a steal at the sale price right now.
I like the grey wingtips, I should stop by soon!
 Since this is one of my favorite flannels, I'll continue the theme: Gratuitous beard AND guitar shot:
I'd help you unpack the truck on Saturday if I wasn't driving to Delaware, good luck with the move. I hope you have room for all of those boxes.
Just FYI, the khakis aren't heavier weight. I actually feel like the chinos are thicker than the bloodline khakis, but I could be wrong.
I'm having a hard time deciding between the thermal and the gunpatch. I'm only getting one or the other... leaning toward the thermal but that crosshatch pattern is so cool.
Any idea when the latest round of flannel preorders are coming in? I'd like to stop by to pick mine up and take a look at the sweaters/beanies.
New Posts  All Forums: