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I have both, Alumo is waaaay smooth...sometimes maybe too thin depending on the model. To me....not worth the crazy price difference.    I got mine from the forum at a good deal so can't complaint. 
I just visited 3 weeks ago. But i went to the Prince building location. Had a great time there. 1- I already plan on having 3 made so the rule doesn't bother me too much.2- House fabric starts at hkd1195, hkd1395 and tops out at hkd1795. TM fabric starts at hkd2200 i think. I had all my 3 shirts done up in the cheapest house fabric (oxford).
 If its not that interesting and that overpriced, why did you get it? Looked and some Masterpiece while i was on business trip to Singapore and they looked good in terms of design.  Still have my Eastpack with suede bottom after 23yrs and its still holding up fine lol
I had the same problem. Use a toothpick. 
For those who has the kangaroo leather, is Lexol ok to use as conditioner or does it need any kinda special cream?
LOL MTO is at the very upper limits of what i can "afford".   So that is the only choice i have.   Meeting him next week. 
  Can't wait, happy and scared at the same time because up until now the most i paid for any shoe is an Alden shell LWB. 
Because of Fishball's post i have made an appointment to visit Okuyama's workshop during my trip to HK next week. 
 How much does the MTO run?
Does alligator or croc leather "patina" similar to calf?   Any special care needed for this beauty?
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