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Looks awesome!   Curious as to how long does the elastic side last? Can it be replaced down the road?
Does anyone here have a Chelsea that there would like to share and comment how they like em?   Dont see much posted
Maybe just go to a Yohji Yamamoto boutique?
While i was in Tokyo, all the Japanese brand i tried not didnt fit me width wise. I only went to the big department stores like Isetan etc. Sucks if you have wide feet.   None had E-width.
Great looking chelseas. From some website i see that there are 2 models. Which one has the wider last?
  Yes i bought it in the SF store.Front part of the waist fits snug with almost no room.Which was what Young (who helped me) recommended it should fit. Does that sound about right?
Hi Kiya,   Bought the IH-666 SII Would you recommend a soak in cold/warm water before 1st wear?   As it is when trying on in the store it fits snug.
Will be visiting San Francisco next week. Anyone knows where can i see a selection of JL shoes?   Never had a chance to see them besides a short trip to HK last year.
What is the usual shipping time to the USA?   If i order tonight, will i be able to receive my order by Christmas?
Hi Guys,   If i wear a US8 E in Alden Barrie.   Should i be able to fit in a UK7 EE Lopez?
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