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An update:   My JL Arima boat shoes arrived just now.   1st JL shoe and the leather is ohhhh so soft !!!   Best part is, i could not find any flaw on both shoes (with my untrained eyes) that would indicate these are a pair of seconds/rejects.   Also, no "R/S" stamp inside the shoe.   The shoe is snug now....heel is a tad low.... Does the shoe of these leather expand much? It's already so smooth n soft now.
 Hmmm you do have a point there, i agree with what you say.Unless the shoes has been sent, if not i think it's only fair we get the new pricing. 
Really unique pair and great looking.   Wow less than a week to reach Australia. That is fast, its been 3 business days and no reply from them yet. Will wait til next week until i contact them. 
Thanks guys, glad to hear and also bit bout their process.   Its been years years since i bought a pair of shows online cause i haven't had much luck in sizing.   Taking a gamble on these boat shoes cause of the attractive pricing. Shipping to Asia cost 1/4 of the price of the shoe.......     BTW just wanted to confirm, can the boat shoes be resoled?    http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/products/arima-summer-shoes-in-brown-dune-calf-6000
For those who bought or are buying from Bespoke UK website sale now, how long before you got your tracking number info?   Its been almost 4 days since i paid and no email yet on the tracking number.
Does the Cotton/Cashmere need to be dry cleaned only? Never seen such combo before. 
Is the sizing on the website accurate?   It seems general for all of their offerings.   Looking at the pocket tee and not too sure if i should go for M or L. I have a 40in chest. 
USD350 now 
I have both, Alumo is waaaay smooth...sometimes maybe too thin depending on the model. To me....not worth the crazy price difference.    I got mine from the forum at a good deal so can't complaint. 
I just visited 3 weeks ago. But i went to the Prince building location. Had a great time there. 1- I already plan on having 3 made so the rule doesn't bother me too much.2- House fabric starts at hkd1195, hkd1395 and tops out at hkd1795. TM fabric starts at hkd2200 i think. I had all my 3 shirts done up in the cheapest house fabric (oxford).
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