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Will be visiting San Francisco next week. Anyone knows where can i see a selection of JL shoes?   Never had a chance to see them besides a short trip to HK last year.
What is the usual shipping time to the USA?   If i order tonight, will i be able to receive my order by Christmas?
Hi Guys,   If i wear a US8 E in Alden Barrie.   Should i be able to fit in a UK7 EE Lopez?
These look quite interesting.   Anyone here tried them before?   http://www.muselladembechmilano.com/post/70292260410/the-musella-dembech-polo-shirt-thanks-to-the
Anyone here has the Munson boot?   Can you comment on the comfort?   I wear a 8E on 8131, can i wear the same size on a  munson boot ?
SO.......long story short, my jeans got ironed !   So now a few pairs have a line going down and the mark doesnt seem to come off even after washing.   Anyway to save it?
OH man that wholecut looks horrible.
Guys need your input on what was happened to cause this?   Color-8 unlined PTB.   Worn maybe 30x.   Suddenly i see this on the shoe!  
 Hmm mine is the opposite.I only have one pair now. Unlined color-8 PTB.And it doesn't have the stamp.
Does all Shell shoes from Alden have the Horween stamp inside the shoe?   Mine doesn't.
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