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I was told an initial soak was not needed by the guys at SelfEdge.Its a pair of Iron Heart 666 SIII have worn it maybe 20times before soaking it and with some mild detergent. And a few rounds of just water rinsing. The pic was after the wash and 1st wear.
Good excuse to get another pair of jeans
Any pics of how yours stained? Here is mine. After only ONE wear, and this is bout 2mins walking.....lol 
Hmmm maybe i just have 2 pairs of jeans with dark indigo on indigo.....it stains on everything LOL.   Now i am regretting not getting on the pre-order...
For those of you with the HH and raw denim. Not worrying about denim bleed/stain?   How are you cleaning it or just said screw it....LOL
 So it means even though its shown as a 42in chest it measures smaller? Do you guys "update" the sizing chart to reflect that?
This thread is delivering again after some time. Awesome!   From the pics i cant tell....what sorta buttons does Ambrosi use?
Please help my pair find a good home. Too bad the last doesn't work too well for me.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/509826/alden-nst-loden-green-special-make-up-for-tassels-hk-8-5d/0_30
Special makeup for Tassels boutique in Hong Kong. Loden Green Calf. Aberdeen last. us8.5D.   Still in great condition as can be seen in pics.   Will ship anywhere at buyer expense. Item and myself located in Malaysia.   Paypal or Bank wire TT.   regards, Peter
Will PM you.
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