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  Care to show some pics? Your CMT order was shirts or trousers?
I will be in the USA from Sept 8-20th in the Chicago area.   If anyone is interested i'm sure shipping from the US is cheaper and even better if its a local deal.   Please give this pair a good home. :)
Are Ascot Chang only known for shirts?   How come i never read anyone here go to them for suits and trousers?
NO ONE had a E-width. ALL that i saw, the ones i liked are D or below.
I can add on to that, all the department stores like Isetan i went to, trying to hunt for local Japanese brand shoes. Sadly non fit in terms of width. No one has anything wider than a "D".
I need more pics of pents that people own in this forum.
That custom alligator belt looks awesome !
Special edition made for Tassels of HK. Big punch detail found in Alden archive and not a current production model. Size 8.5D, Barrie last. Worn 5x only and almost like new as seen in pics.   Deal includes the boots and Alden box with shoe bags.   I am located in Malaysia and thus shipping wont be cheap to the US. So that's why i feel my asking price is fair.   Paypal or bank TT.   PM me or email at leongps7875@gmail.com
Looks awesome!   Curious as to how long does the elastic side last? Can it be replaced down the road?
Does anyone here have a Chelsea that there would like to share and comment how they like em?   Dont see much posted
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