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And ordered i have!   Super excited to have my first Equus products. Looking forward to receiving it. 
Thanks for the heads up on the sizing. Website says size up one size from your waist but you seem to up 2 sizes?   Did you have a lot left after you buckle it?   I didn't have the chance to try them on when i was in Melbourne as all the stores were out.   Looking to buy from bootsonline. 
Yup the pleated ones. I was thinking it would be nicely paired with jeans or more casual chinos. 
Thought i'd ask here. Has anyone had any experience in RMW kangaroo leather belts?
Anyone has any idea if we can send our shoes which are a different brand but made by Rancourt back to them for a resole?   Have a pair of Red Wing hand sewn and thinking of changing to a different sole. 
Whats a "BaoTou"?
Sale ends when stock clears or is there a date?
 I have the same question and would love your input on sizing. I have a 40in chest with a 18in shoulder. With a height of 168cm.My custom shirts are around 43-44in in the chest. Thats why i am torn between a size S & M.
That looks really awesome!
That is whole lotta lotion he is using!
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