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New from The Bureau -
New Keswick's from Shoehealer.
Stunning.   What colour are those, coffee?
I've been wearing these Stow's about a month now and they are beginning to soften nicely and mould to my feet. I had to get them MTO as I needed the width 6 fitting Richard @ Shoehealer recommended the back strip in Scotch grain to make them unique. I'm really pleased with the result. Just put in insoles to make walking more comfortable.
Thanks MSaint they look great and that's reassuring!   p.s. Nourishing cream as well as Obenauf's LP?
  Hold on, are you serious? This is pretty worrying to hear. I have some MTO espresso's arriving next month... Have I been drawn into spending £500 on a pair of boots that may only last a couple of years? I mean I love the look of the boot but the longevity of the things was really the whole idea.   Could you put up a photo or two of your 18 month old pair? would be greatly appreciated.
Hi   These looks great. I've recently ordered a pair of MTO Espresso Stows (for a width 6 fitting). What are you treating them with? Have they lightened at all since you bought them? What do you think is best to bring out the patina?
  Received my boots back from Shoe Healer today, now with the commando sole attached. Great work and customer service from the people there.       Think it's time I stop admiring them and get them worn...
Many thanks for this advice MSAINT. I have ordered some wooden trees and a pot of Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Protector. I'm definitely for the 'tough care approach' but realize this is an individual chioce.    I've sent my boots up to The Shoe healer to have commando soles fitted. Looking forward to getting them back and breaking them in...    
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