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I've about 10 F bags in Navy (sold all Otter) and most of them won't even stand on their own. E.g. the zippered Tote or the Medium Travel. Wasn't the case with the green ones. Bummer.
I own both but found that there isn't that much difference in volume given that the travel bag with its outer pockets, height and better opening is easier to fill.
The Tote is outright ugly and the wool field bags won't make a lot of sense if you can wait long enough to get a deal on the Twill version. Also, since they're not even Harris Tweed I'm not sure if they age very well esp. in places where the bag rubs against your body.
Heads-up: 257, Pullman & Small Field Bag now avail. in Navy. Mine already shipped.
Should have signed up at filsonsale.com ;)The Great Divide is still running a 20% Flash sale for a couple of hours i guess. Grabbed the 258 there (nice price for the EU)
To those who're familiar with HLASKA: I'm selling the gorgeous Artifact Duffle in Cognac. Since it's a special-interest brand that's no longer around I'll provide more details and actual pictures if there's someone with buying intentions out there. The bag retailed for $1,100.   Ships from Europe - world-wide.
Yes, but its low height doesn't really work well compared to the medium travel bag if you carry a macbook or the likes. 
MediumMedium Travel Bag hands down. Works with any overhead compartment.
I love it. Also had the original 70262 but it doesn't stay close to your back (almost looks weird) and the two leather straps are simply not practical to open often and quickly. The new Twill has a laptop compartment for 15" MBP as well and the padded back just feels better. The shoulder straps could use more leather though.
  Agreed - Just received two new navy Twill bags and compared to my old Otter Green the stitching and leather finish is way better manufactured on the old one. Not speaking of the much thinner navy canvas but this was already subject in another thread.
New Posts  All Forums: