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If you're looking at this you're probably familiar with Filson's FRD — Let the pictures speak for themselves. The tote is ca. 34 x 14 x 14cm and since this is not a distress sale I'm only accepting serious offers to make up for the pain of separating from this beauty. Ships from Europe world-wide.
Anyone interested in this genuine FRD Tote? Might put it up on the marketplace.        
Just stumbled upon a huge private sale for all kinds of Navy bags > Filson auction
How did you get it fixed? I'm in europe so I'll have to stop by at a saddler.
This is my Medium Travel Bag after ten trips. The shoulder strap attachment always seemed under-engineered but that's quite disappointing. Not sure if I'll put my yet unused Medium Duffle in operation after this. Almost the same with the 258.  
 Great to see them embarking on creating more and more impractical bags in the weirdest color combinations but at the same time discontinuing the true, well-proven classics.
I think I have the regular bottle carrier somewhere — interested as well?
Not in terms of height; it's already a snug fit with the Medium Travel. Really not the right bag to carry a MB.
Sold Sportsman, bought Medium Travel > The side pockets of the SM take up a lot of space while being mostly useless if you use an additional bag for accessories, etc and the main compartment is rather small. MT is a real box and even fits a 15" MB so I'd strongly recommend it for any 3d+ trip.
New Posts  All Forums: