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I think I have the regular bottle carrier somewhere — interested as well?
Not in terms of height; it's already a snug fit with the Medium Travel. Really not the right bag to carry a MB.
Sold Sportsman, bought Medium Travel > The side pockets of the SM take up a lot of space while being mostly useless if you use an additional bag for accessories, etc and the main compartment is rather small. MT is a real box and even fits a 15" MB so I'd strongly recommend it for any 3d+ trip.
Property of only makes sense if you buy at 70% off — they're ok but highly overpriced if you look at the frequent flash sales they pop up. Also, the canvas is pretty thin compared to Filson's (I've owned 10 ~PO bags)
Other than some very basic infos, I can't seem to find any actual reviews for the Nomin pack and whether it's worth the premium over the regular line (e.g. AC2). Can anyone comment on it — Durability, etc?
  Sounds good — My only concern is that my all-navy gear is, as often mentioned, made of thinner twill; but we'll see.
  Did you put a luggage cover around it or how do you prepare it before checking? Remove the strap or so?
I've about 10 F bags in Navy (sold all Otter) and most of them won't even stand on their own. E.g. the zippered Tote or the Medium Travel. Wasn't the case with the green ones. Bummer.
I own both but found that there isn't that much difference in volume given that the travel bag with its outer pockets, height and better opening is easier to fill.
The Tote is outright ugly and the wool field bags won't make a lot of sense if you can wait long enough to get a deal on the Twill version. Also, since they're not even Harris Tweed I'm not sure if they age very well esp. in places where the bag rubs against your body.
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