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It stayed in shape and I waxed the whole bag with Filson (or Domke) Wax. The leather looks a bit more worn than a natural break-in but it's fine. It's also softer now. Pictures pending.
I machine-washed my otter 257 and now it's about 1cm smaller - just what I had wished for.
Even worse, Liebeskind from Germany:   Sportsman, Travel Bag, Field Bag,  256 - they do it all.  
IMHO the 70112 looks best in navy ( http://bagstreets.com/post/72564733649/filson-oil-finish-field-bag-medium-now-in-navy ) but I'm not sure if and how fast the buckles can be closed with one hand. Anyone?
I've owned about a dozen Domke bags but they just don't work for traveling — no zippered pocket for a passport and the single clasp just doesn't cut it. F-803 comes close but I wish the waxed version wouldn't come with contrast webbing; it looks ugly.
Finally, Camera bags from Filson: http://www.selectism.com/2014/01/21/new-filson-luggage-and-magnum-camera-bags-for-fall-2014/   I hope they're less boxy than Billingham
Right, the stitching looks a bit cheap on the 72h.
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