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There's a set of five navy bags for sale on eBay (MTB, MFB, BP, etc.).
The other thing too is that it's rather heavy and one of the leather strap attachments on my navy MTB came off after just 5 times of use.
Coach up to 30%
what's so great about them? i fell like my arcteryx veilance pack was a better choice for anyone 18+
What's the word on the new 48h duffels — anyone using it? I'm worried that the tin cloth doesn't match or hold up as well as the navy twill since from what I've seen in pictures, the material just looks a bit thin and not as well crafted in general.
Anyone got experience with the new 48h duffels?  The original images on Eastdane look like as if this thing is a lint magnet and the navy tin cloth rather thin/cheapish or at least might not be as nice as twill. 
A great fashion brand expands until it offers watches...
Considering selling this gorgeous Coach backpack, used only twice.   Ping me if you're interested and I'll take some pictures.
I'm considering selling a vintage Bedouin Foundry Genghis Messenger in Navy/Grey — If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll post pictures.
PM sent
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