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MediumMedium Travel Bag hands down. Works with any overhead compartment.
I love it. Also had the original 70262 but it doesn't stay close to your back (almost looks weird) and the two leather straps are simply not practical to open often and quickly. The new Twill has a laptop compartment for 15" MBP as well and the padded back just feels better. The shoulder straps could use more leather though.
  Agreed - Just received two new navy Twill bags and compared to my old Otter Green the stitching and leather finish is way better manufactured on the old one. Not speaking of the much thinner navy canvas but this was already subject in another thread.
Having bought 3 Twill Duffels over the past weeks I was wondering (and worrying) how rugged the stitching around the leather patch that holds the strap loop really is; provided that the strap's clasp rubs against the stitching most of the time and the fact that it looks essentially under-engineered compared to the rest. Did you guys ever had any problems around this part?
Small Travel Kit just landed in Navy http://www.filson.com/products/travel-kit-small.70149.html
Tan is over - Navy is all the rage now at F ;)
Quick note, found in the Filson thread: Filsonsale.com - Editors send you an email whenever they find a deal on a Filson bag.
Currently using a Medium Travel and Duffel for carry-on but I'm looking for something large to check-in. Has anyone got any long-term experience with the Large Duffel or something like http://www.filson.com/products/rolling-duffle-large.70188.html [Nylon, really?].
You mean that filsonsale.com? They send you an email as soon as the editors find a deal on just about any Filson bag out there. Works great but it's handpicked so it's not "real-time".
Just scored the Medium Travel Bag at 40% off at 6pm [Not too bad for Tan]   Found via a new site only for Filson bag deals at filsonsale.com
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