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 I owned the Apolis black version (seems to be identical minus the badge) and it was a real lint magnet and didn't age as well as the otter/tan equivalents. More like a beaten canvas shopping tote.
Does anyone have a real-world comparison between the rugged twill medium field bag and the tin cloth version? It seems they both look kinda saggy when not fully loaded but the tin might be better suited for light city trips.
email post-ordering
It stayed in shape and I waxed the whole bag with Filson (or Domke) Wax. The leather looks a bit more worn than a natural break-in but it's fine. It's also softer now. Pictures pending.
I machine-washed my otter 257 and now it's about 1cm smaller - just what I had wished for.
Even worse, Liebeskind from Germany:   Sportsman, Travel Bag, Field Bag,  256 - they do it all.  
IMHO the 70112 looks best in navy ( http://bagstreets.com/post/72564733649/filson-oil-finish-field-bag-medium-now-in-navy ) but I'm not sure if and how fast the buckles can be closed with one hand. Anyone?
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