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Happened to me for two ~2014 bags (258, Medium Travel) after two trips. Not sure why the can't figure out a better solution for the weakest element but I've since stopped purchasing new F gear to the point where I'm only using the tote. Obviously no rivets there.
Just bought a 2016 Small Field Bag in navy and can confirm that the twill feels very stiff, almost plastic-y. No comparison to the soft yet still more rugged variation you got back in the days.
 Except that I've owned two recent bags (duffel + 258) where the leather patch which holds the D-ring came loose after half a dozen flights (carry-on). Emphasizing that I'm treating my gear very gently.
Since Amazon has some pretty decent Warehouse Deals for (Sports) Fashion going on pretty much around the globe, I've found pretty nifty for a quick check.
Anyone bought something from the recent oipolloi sale? Seems like these guys are pretty unresponsive.
Up for grabs from my collection is a new, unused, without tags FOLK Clothing x HOBO Shoulder Bag, made out of custom-made ultra light sturdy material. Super soft and very roomy. These bags were only available as a limited run and I've bought this in Kyoto. Issued at over at 240€ I'm offering this at a very fair collector's price. Made in Japan.   Read more about the story at:
Needs no description if you're searching for WANT Les Essentials Bags. This is for the rare navy leather/white canvas version of the legendary TACOMA Waist Pack. Used for only one trip, essentially like-new, superb, clean condition. For specs see 
 Any examples?
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