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Hoping to get some help on some AE loafer sizing.   I am looking at these Kenwoods in a size 7.5 EEE or possibly a 8 EEE.     I had already tried the Brooks Presidio in a 7.5 EEE and the length was great but they were a little cramped on the baby toe, thought not unbearable. The 8 EEE was a bit loose and my back heel was slipping out.     My question is, would an 8 D/E give more room than a 7.5 EEE on the width? Also, is there any stretch in either of these...
both sold. Thanks SF.
Fit looks good to me on the torso but are the sleeves a little bunched up due to a longer sleeve (that is also bunching) and the a t-shirt underneath? If the sleeves fell a bit looser I think it would be spot on.   Never a fan of grey + denim since the white in the denim picks out the white in the grey and makes it look washed out. Darker, solid jeans and a lighter shirt would do you right.
burberry sold to medtech71 .. cheers mate
Yes, they are dry clean only as per the label.   17.25 inches across the waist band. 9.5 inches across the knee.   Not hemmed.   The leg opening is 8.125 inches, however keep in mind that the inseam is 38 inches due to the pants being unhemmed. As you move up the pant leg, it gets a little wider, but not by much. For example, at a 30 inch inseam, it's about 8.25 inches.
gorgeous shoes - wish any of these were 8.5E
Update: sorry it looks like the pictures didn't show up properly. The pictures should be turned 90 degrees clockwise. Ties are listed with the pointed end downward left to right. Will fix when I get home.
Hi SF - clearing out some fantastic ties that are not getting much wear. Some are like new and have never been worn outside - meaning they were just tried on and tags removed but never actually worn. All used ties are in very good shape. All 100% Silk.   Condition Ratings:   7.75 - 8 out of 10: used but in very respectable shape and can be worn for any important occasion - very slight imperfections.   9 out of 10: looks brand new but worn a few times.   Items ship...
I've come in here 10 times to look at these pictures .. really nice .. can't believe it's still here.
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