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@Neo1 one more reference point, I tried on the brooks presidio loafer and the 7 EEE was too tight on the baby toe but fine in the middle. 8 EEE was almost perfect except the heel slippage - essentially too long. I think I need 7.5 eeee or eeeee. Any additional help would be appreciated.
@Neo1Thanks. I do have the delrays in 8 EEE and they are quite loose around the toe and slightly loose around the middle of the foot where I'm relatively the widest.I will check out the addisons - however I do really like the Grayson style. In terms of the width alone, would they be wider than the Waldens?
Sorry if this isn't the right place for my question could someone let me know where I should move this?
Guys quick question about AE sizing. Is a 8E wider than a 7.5 EEE? I have a pair of walden in 7.5 EEE and it's still snug in the middle. Toe is bit snug but ok but the main body of the foot is tight in the middle. Seeing that there isn't anything wider than EEE, I was thinking of sizing up to either an 8E or 8EE or even possibly an 8EEE. Is there a general rule of thumb? In case it's shoe specific, I'm looking at purchasing the Cavanaugh loafer and the Grayson...
Purchased here on SF -- worn once by me -- pants were altered to slim down -- in great condition. Staple mid-grey suit from Brooks Brothers. Regent cut. Thighs were reinforced with extra fabric by previous seller by a tailor but not visible at all from exterior. Please ask if you have any more questions!   Details: - side vents - pick stitching - functional cuffs - 3 roll 2 buttoning - flat front pants   Measurements: Jacket: Chest: 21.25" Shoulders: 18" Sleeves: 24"...
Can't believe this isn't sold. Great seller here. Have purchased several times from him and all good stuff ..
I washed mine after a year and they're now just a medium dark solid blue ---- if I wash them several more times will they lighten up?  
I own the same suit and it's fantastic
Price now 120.
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