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It should be fine as long as it does not have any active electronics inside. Wire gauge for luminaires in europe is usually between 18 and 16 awg. Probably the same as in the states. Of course it will be illegal use as it's not officially built for your new locations martket. But I think you are best off takingit to a electrician for changing plug in you new location as it also transfers some of the responsibility in case of malfunction anyway and he can check the...
I actually think Sony Ericsson has already had a product like this out.
If I remember correctly Belstaff was recently sold and the new owner is trying to turn it to a luxury brand. Hence the mark up. I think that they even had some kind of alligator jacket or something with a laughable pricetag to get some hype this season.
Crashdummy, can't really say. It depends on the shape of his foot and how coherent the sizes are when they go up. But for 44-45 I think those should be at least wearable.
Crasdummy, they are legit. I have the same model. They were from the 2009 fall/winter collection if my memory serves me correctly. Just mind that they run huge. Like most of the baller sneakers. I wear 42-42,5 in Nikes and 40 in Balenciagas, Pierre Hardys and YSLs (they fit actually kinda snug).
Anyone handled Lanvin leather bags lately? How's the quolity? I'm liking their minimal styling and their bags and accesories don't seem to be overly expensive like certain pices of their clothing. Which on the other hand could imply that they are not that special in contruction and materials. I do have an pouch from them from some time ago which most certainly was of a poor non aniline dyed lether which flecked quite quickly.   Any imput is appericiated.
The holy grail of internet sales is on! international sale has just started. It seems to get up and down, but you should be able to get stuff at least through your wishlist.   I just bought shitloads of stuff and realised I will probably be paying rest of the year for it. But it was still mostly good stuff.
For reasonably priced but good restaurants in Helsinki I would the recommend following.   Kuurna (a personal favorite) Olo (probably the most expensive of the bunch but still not on the 2 michelin star Chez Dominique level) Atelje Finne Chef et sommelier (check...
Luisaviaroma is having a pre-sale this weekend. The code is 20top and it gives you -20% on ss2012 products. You have to be registered, but I quess you can register and use it then. Not much, but good if you have been eying something. And for some reason they usually don't have much of the good stuff left at the point of their full sale.
Hi everyone. Long time lurker finally registered.   I was just wondering what's everyones opinion on these? They never were really discussed other than brief comments after some buyers sneak preview photos.   I'm kind of liking them and am in need of new white lo tops. I don't want to go with the white mmms as I have a pair (scuffed and retired) of the older white colorway. Also It would be nice to get some raf jil as he's on his way out. I would not normally...
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