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I've recently bought a pair of the classic 875. Eventually. Now I have a sizing problem. The boots are very tight. Lengthwise it's barely ok, but the width (D) seems very tight. Especially on my right foot the outside of the little toe feels very cramped. But I've heard that it is recommend to get them tight as they'll stretch. Do people share that experience? I got them in 10. Like my iron rangers and the Beckman/GTs. The iron rangers are snug, but ok, in the...
Thanks, round. So the uneven leather insole/footbed is quite common for Guidi and are more a mark of their handmade craftsmanship and not a defect? Did you leave your outsoles as they were?
I finally got my fitrst pair of Guidi boots. I bought the navy 994 chukkas from Mr Porter. I noticed the following: 1. Laces- I had great difficulty in putting the soft leather laces in. Only one end was cut diagonally which helped to pull it through. So I used the lace method where one end goes straight to the top hole and the other end goes through all the holes. I find this method not very practical though, to properly open the boots when putting them on or...
 Ah, that's it.Thanks
What is that little thing in the lapel button hole again? It also came with the business jacket.
 Are they padded?On the label it only said outer cotton and lining cotton and acryl/wool for the cuffs.I agree it feels a bit padded, but shouldn't it say on the label then?
It says on their site: "In addition to this, Ventile is impregnated with a high quality DWR system which enhances the fabrics water resistant properties and increases performance." ventile co uk
Ventile is treated with DWR.
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