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Which code is that? RLGIVING13 didn't work with me.
98 is a longer size. It's basically 50 (if I remember correctly) but for taller guys.
Basque eco-surf-streetwear TwoThirds have a 50% sale with winter2012 coupon. http://twothirds.com/shop/   Like this waxed 65:35 anorak, the organic cotton tobacco coloured chinos and their logbook version of a Field Notes notebook     What I like about them besides the use of organic and recycled fabrics is that 10% of the profits get to the protection of the oceans and sealife.
Thanks for the info. Hmm, like that shawl collar cardigan. But not available anymore in my size. The knit sweater also sold out already. Only the blue striped hooded sweater in L and the grey anorak in different sizes left.
30% off at TwoThirds with code 3000   Like their chinos in tobacco brown made from 100% organic cotton like most of their stuff.   Also like their icon tee. and thinking about their waxed 65/35 anorak Best of all they give 10% for the protection of the oceans
From the measurements L sounded superhuge. But it's not that big then, is it? Perhaps due to the lining? Just going by the measurements M should be fine for me, but I'm the same height and weight as you.
Another caveat are the item descriptions. I will give some examples: 1. Denim Boss Chino pants- these were described as made in the US. They're made in China. 2. Rigid Officer Chinos- weight was stated as 11. something. They're 9. something. 3. Current black Murdock boots. they're described as "Fully lined in premium cowhide." At least one batch is not fully lined, as long as that would mean that the shaft is lined which it isn't. 4. The polka dot workshirt was described...
Are these the same? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13088135&cp=11588650.12138267&ab=ln_men_cs2_chinos&parentPage=family     Yours look darker.
  Nice. Awesome deal.
Alright then :-) I think if you saw them you'd agree that these black stripes just don't look any good, from whatever angle. At least to me they don't. So I'll take them off.  
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