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It says on their site: "In addition to this, Ventile is impregnated with a high quality DWR system which enhances the fabrics water resistant properties and increases performance." ventile co uk
Ventile is treated with DWR.
Sounds good. But yours is still too small.   If I may ask, why are you selling yours?
Thanks.   So it's 'dry' from the inside then?   Yours looks nice. But unfortunately too small for me.
Interesting. Yours is lined. But that is only in the back, right? How about the front and the sleeves?     Then this one in olive/forest should also be lined? http://www.filson.com/products/c-c-filson-work-cape-jacket-waxed-cotton.10550.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=collections/cc-filson&fmetaProduct=cc15/   And this one, which is cheaper, is...
Has anyone got any experiences with the Filson Cabourn Work Cape Jacket? I'm asking because it doesn't seem to be lined, neither in the sleeves nor in the torso. And the wax looks like it might rub off on the clothes underneath. Some simple cotton/chambray lining would have been nice. But it might not be necessary. Not sure.
Which code is that? RLGIVING13 didn't work with me.
98 is a longer size. It's basically 50 (if I remember correctly) but for taller guys.
Basque eco-surf-streetwear TwoThirds have a 50% sale with winter2012 coupon. http://twothirds.com/shop/   Like this waxed 65:35 anorak, the organic cotton tobacco coloured chinos and their logbook version of a Field Notes notebook     What I like about them besides the use of organic and recycled fabrics is that 10% of the profits get to the protection of the oceans and sealife.
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