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Those Brogues above have worn beautifully.
Doma is my favourite at the moment. It looks like the future is here. Now I just need to find a city where it fits in!
  Paul Smith Shoes + M&S Socks. Double Classic.
Levis did it for a while in London but I think it got to costly and time consuming. Just bury them in your back garden for six months and then drag them behind your car for a day or two.
Neighborhood tee shirt levis 505 skinny minnie beat up Nike blazers and odd socks
For me there is too many flaps and buttons on that jacket. I love the design of it, it's just a little fussy for me.
I really want to see something that blows my mind. They are all good closets but i want to see a mountain of clothes!
Hello!   I'm Ben I'm a long time Fashion buyer and general lover of all things stylish. I collect jeans and vintage japanese streetwear. I am a lover of black clothes and a habital dyer of things. I like to play records a couple of times a month, I mainly play slow house music. Oh I love cheese but as its lent I'm off it for 40 days!  
Here we go! Silent Tight Black Denim Neighborhood Black Tee. Any style. WoodWood Hooded Sweat Black Puma Suade Black.   As you can tell I'm fully stealth at the moment  Black/Black/Black    
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