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Up for sale is a Vanson Leather Motorcycle jacket, size Large. The exact model is the "Chopper". It comes in Vanson's Black, competition weight leather and has red lining.   The jacket is in perfect condition. It is so new that it still has some breaking in to do. I only wore it two times last winter, before storing it away and losing quite a bit of weight, realizing this winter that it doesn't fit the way I like anymore.   Don't miss this chance to get an incredible...
Selling a pair of Red Wing 1907 6" moc toe boots in size 9.5.   The shoes are almost brand new. I literally wore them one time, to Disneyland.   Comes with OG box and everything.
I'm selling a pair of Red Wing Engineer boots, model 2990, in size 9.5.   They are in very good condition and will include the original box and packaging.
Thank you for the mention!
Selling a pair of Alden Indy in Natural Chromexcel. These are also the special bookmaker edition so they come with two dust bags.   They are size 9.5, but Alden's fit about a half size big, so they're probably better suited for a size 10.   They are in very good condition. I'd say a good 8.5/10   These Retail at $565. I'm willing to work with my price, but please do not lowball me.   Comes with OG box, dust bags, etc.
These are awesome pictures man! And great review also. I am very happy I went with these same exact (color and size too) Jodhpurs.
You could definitely re-coat them with either, but I would recommend waiting some time after coating them with Montana's. If you over coat your boots you'll end up with soggy leather.
Hey fellas, I'm looking to buy a Filson x Levi trucker jacket, in any of the colors (tan, black, green), as long as it's in a XXL.   Send me pics of the jacket if you've got one for sale and we'll negotiate a price.   Thanks! - Brian
I know this is an old thread, but I can't help but comment regarding 1000 miles being compared to either aldens mentioned here. Don't get me wrong, the wolverine 1000 mile is a great boot. I own two pairs, and have complemented them several of times in this forum. Whether someone would choose them over indys is subjective, so there's no argument there. But to say they're as durable or well made seems a bit crazy to me. Worth the difference in price? Again, subjective, so...
I'm selling a pair of VERY NEAR brand new Red Wing 875 boots, in size 8.5. For size comparisons, I wear a 9 in Alden Indys and Red Wing Beckmans, and 8.5 in Clarks Desert Boots and Vans.    I've worn them less than 3 times, each less than an hour each time. They're so new they still haven't been completely broken in yet. The only reason I'm selling them is because this is my second pair.   Asking $175, let me know if you're interested.        
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