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WIWT Beaulieu, 82-last, burgundy antique
No, thought did not cross my mind.
Beutiful shoes! I typically use Reno, then cream and finally wax on any new shoe.
This shoe is sick! I SO want a pair!
Highly recommended!
Congratulation to a very nice shoe. I have a pair since two years and they hold up nickels.I does sound like you've ordered the right size.
That's a great boot at a ridiculus price, congratulations! Mine has taken me through two harsh Swedish winter sesons and still look like new.
Fair enough.
Sarah, is this for standard models only or also for the limited edition ones like Hunt in Chestnut?
AS Moore in suede used for the first time today. As always a pleasure to deal with AFPOS and a great pair of shoes at a great price.
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