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Too bad my friend, too bad size. Can I give an offer 😉?
Do you know if, and if so when, Inverness will be available on 890?
I so agree. The color is so much nicer than the name 😉. Here's mine.
Canterbury DOAK inspiration.
Thanx! It is actually a Vass in mid brown. Agree on Malvern.
I totally agree. Suede oxfords are great and versatile.
Looking just as good as it did on the shoegazing forum :-)
I am. Sharp eye!A Radiomir 1940, ref 512.
I have a gait that is hard on the toe area. For me, the rubber tap is substantially more hardwearing. I often have them installed also when the leather on the toe area is worn but the rest of the sole has pleanty of milage to go when I buy RTW.
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