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Bealieu Burgundy Antique 82-last
If dainite definitely single. There's also the R1 "city rubber sole" as an option.
Yes, it's €620 but then including the €60 tree.
I believe yes. A bit of a hassle if you live in US or Canada of course
Also Vass offers last adjustments at a €100 upcharge but then including the three piece tree in the price. They call this service "be-spoke".
I'm afraid I have to agree on this. Shaya sells top stuff, often at competitive prices, but is sloppy on responding. Sometimes quick, often not. He is definitely connected since he is updating on FB every day. Also been waiting a few weeks on my current order.
I have four Exclusives and two Country. Very happy with all of them and especially the Exclusives.I'd rate them just below C&J Handgrade; on par in attention to details and finish, superior in sole/waist treatment and a bit sub-par on upper leather. In comparison to Vass, of which I own three pairs, AS E is superior in finishing, consistency and attention to detail but obviously below in construction with Vass being handlasted and handwelted.I do not own any AS Handgrade...
My AS trees fill my shoes very vell.
WIWT Beaulieu, 82-last, burgundy antique
No, thought did not cross my mind.
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