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They are sick!
It is a beutiful shoe and an amazing polish work!
so now I'm a tad bit confused. I was planning on just going up a .5 size from my F last pair (which is a little too snug over the instep) to my second pair either in F or U since I can't go up in width anymore. I have an average instep as I understand it, so would a last with a lower instep relieve some of the tightness in that area? what lasts would that be if not the P2, F, U or K? A last with a lower instep would increase tightness over the instep, not the other way...
I disagree. F last, and U for that matter, have higher insteps than any other shoes I have.
I wear 34" in my denims and 36" in Carmina belts.
All very nice, but shell/suede is an absolute killer! Price?
Shoes delivered. Beutiful! Thanx Spoo!
So, some more pic's on Vass dark brown museum. Unfortunately a dark and rainy day, so no good natural light. [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
I got a burgundy box on my latest delivery and green boxes on the deliveries prior to this.
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