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If you meen the height of the heel measured from the sole and not including the sole my Exclusives meassure 19 mm.
Oxblood is great! Very dark, almost black, in evening light indoors while more interesting than black in day light.
Very nice!
I'd go for a dark brown punched cap toe /quarter brouge Oxford model if I were to have only one dress shoe.
I sooo agree!
EG thin rubber sole.
If that is the very light profiled rubber sole I saw on a Chelsey during the latest trunk I absolutely agree!
So agree. With a single dainite I'd be in. Leather soles during boot season in Sweden does unfortunately not make much sense.However beutiful they are!
Very nice both of them. Really like the Adelaide. Another great alternative is AS Moore.
Now that's a great name :-)I am not that excited over the U-tip though I know many are. Follow your gut.And yeah, the guys at SKOAB are great.
New Posts  All Forums: