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Glad you like it! It is fairly thick at 16 mm. A hassle with quite a few shirts actually :-)
They ceased production end of last year, so quite recently. I had mine serviced at S&S a month ago and they told me that they are launching a new mens watch late Autumn that they are very proud of since they now were able to get their hands on calibers that they couldn't get before. They wouldn't tell me more at the time, a lot of "hush, hush".
WIWT. Sjöö & Sandström Chronolink. Probably a watch unknown to the majority here, made by a small Swedish watch company. On top a classic analogue watch with a sixties flavour (powered by ETA 7001) and below a digital watch with racing cronograph, world time, code memory and alarm). Produced in ca 4000 pieces over 18 years and no longer produced today.
Spent some time drooling over them on your site now...most certainly agree!
Enjoying my latest addition, Officine Panerai Radiomir 1940. Need to find a nice Gator in brown though, since 90% of my leatherwear is brown.
Beutiful, as always! Any chance you'll stock the Moore in Chestnut?
You think so? They're about two years old and I think they look neither better nor worse than other shoes I have in my rotation.Indclude another in-wear picture.
I wear 8 UK in most makers and 41G in Vass, both F and U lasts.
I prefer the Vass last and the AS medallion.Agree that the solework is nicer on the AS but my experience is that the Vass soles wear better than the AS do. Wear AS Moore today, and like both makers.I am perhaps a bit biased since the Vass on the pic is mine 😉
Bealieu Burgundy Antique 82-last
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