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Indeed.It looks the same if I change feet to put suede on right and calf on left.Both are great shoes, but the sizing part is a bit confusing. Had the calf one's ordered in standard width at first but had them replaced due to width. Still in G width they are more narrow than the suede shoes.
No, the suede shoes where not unlined.Below a picture with the two F-lasts, both in size 41. Suede in standard width (F), calf in wide (G). Lacing fully closed on F-width and quite open in G-width.
I have the Hannover's since a little more than a year. Great boots. Roomy last but not at all "blobby" look.
I agree that the instep is probably (intended to be) the same between those models. Also what Rezsö told me. My two F-lasts are in different materials, one in suede and one in calf. The suede one is the larger one despite the fact that those are the one in F fit and the calf ones are in G.I know a few other fellow Swedes sharing the experience that Vass in suede runs half a size larger for some reason.
With regards to color. Have not seen the plum but I have the brown museum. There is only limited museum effect, if not quite strong natural light it looks as plain dark brown. A very nice color but not very "museum". I believe that one shall go for the lighter colors lika gold if one want the museu effect to be more prominent
I think the Austerity look better on U, but that's only a matter of personal taste.With regards to sizing. I wear the same in both F and U. This was also the recommendation from Mr Vass himself (through Rezsö).
Well, I think there is a bit of inconsistency in Vass in this respect.I have a pair of F-last in F-fitting where the lacing is fully closed. I have another pair in the same size but in G-fitting where I have roughly 1 cm opening.I also have a U-last in the same size and in G fitting where I need a thin insole to be able to lace them enough.It is hard to find a consistent pattern...I love all my Vass so I do not meen to put them down, but inconsistency in sizing in my...
This is a wide version (G fit) on the U-last. Slim enough for my taste anyway.
They do. The F-last museum calf OEII posted above is in wide fittning, G.
New shoes delivered today. Old English II Plain, F-last, dark brown museum calf, single leather sole. Pre- and post polishing.
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