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I am a great fan of Vass and have four pair, all oxford's. Two on U, two on F and all in same size and width. No doubt inconsistant in sizing. Mostly in terms of width (or more correct, cirkumferens), but there is also 5mm difference in length between my two pairs U lasted shoes. Roominess explained by "hand made, lasted by different persons".Love all of them but they do fit differently between them.
Received my suede boots today. Great boots and exceptional service!
I might be in as well. Would also like to know if it is Ilcea's museum calf or not before deciding.
Combined with some powder skiing and maybe some hunting - why not 😉?
Thanx. I use Saphir Md'O wax for shine. Just like most here do ;-)
Very nice!
So, some Beaulieu inspiration then.
Less is more! Simplistic shoe art.
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