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I have a gait that is hard on the toe area. For me, the rubber tap is substantially more hardwearing. I often have them installed also when the leather on the toe area is worn but the rest of the sole has pleanty of milage to go when I buy RTW.
It is not the exact same shoe, but a pic of Vass sole with sunken rubber toe tap nevertheless.
I've tried that route. Not influencing creasing on toe cap. The toe puff is shorter than the the toe cap. The shoe will bend and hence crease where the puff ends.Besides, I need the wider fit, but I do not need a longer shoe. Makes no sence to size up in narrower fit.I have no problems with the slight toe cap crease anyway.
Lucky you . I have three pais, all with some toe cap creasing.
Yes, wide fit (G).All cap toes from Vass get cap creasing. Inner toe puff is shorter than outer cap.
F-last birds view.
Lovely! As always!
Thanx Niklas!We do have a special eye for a bullied toe cap, don't we?
EG Canterbury, DOAK, 82-last, R1 city rubber sole. MTO through SkoAB. From the box. After some shine work. And in the wild.
EG Canterbury in DOAK, 82-last, R1 city rubber sole. MTO from trunk show at SkoAB in March.
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