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Sure, if you do a factory full resole. It is a really great sole option if you want to keep the look of a leather soled shoe but want a practical option on a rainy day.
They are amazing! Would prefer them on the R1 sole though. The look of a leather sole and the wear like a dainite. Leather sole boots are not for Swedish climate :-(
A bit sleeker and (I know I'll get killed for this...) without that slight "blobbyness" of 888.
They are both good, have one of each 😉
It is, yes.
RTW €420, MTO €520. Lasted trees €30.
I agree on the P2, was positively surprised. Will look great on all but the sleekest oxfords and I will use it for a boot in my next order.
You did indeed man 😊!IMO, EG 890 is soo much more well balanced than the S. Really liked the 890 and will get the Austerity Adelaide as soon it is in stock at SKOAB.
It was truely a great event! Just received and paid my invoice from Maftei. Can't wait for the fitting October 25 and, of course, to receive the final shoe. My first bespoke measurement experience and I learnt quite a bit on the particularities of my feet and what to look for also in a RTW shoe in terms of fit.
I was not so impressed by the S-last. Something with the proportions of the toe area...a bit too elongated I guess. Many guys liked them a lot and I heard guys calling it a marriage between MH71 & TG73. I don't agree though :-) Great event, we had 700 visitors which is roughly three times what we expected.
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