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EG Canterbury, DOAK, 82-last, R1 city rubber sole. MTO through SkoAB. From the box. After some shine work. And in the wild.
EG Canterbury in DOAK, 82-last, R1 city rubber sole. MTO from trunk show at SkoAB in March.
I wear EG 82 lasts in UK8 (tight) and AS 724 also in UK8 (roomier). Both in standard width.
Me to. Double R1 city rubber sole and I'll be in. Swedish Autumn and leather soles unfortunately make no sense.
Come on Shoedog, give it a try ;-)
Second that! Five pairs so far and always a pleassure to deal with Sarah & Julian.
Wide fitting of U last. Size 41 G.
This was well formulated and insightful.
Glad you like it! It is fairly thick at 16 mm. A hassle with quite a few shirts actually :-)
They ceased production end of last year, so quite recently. I had mine serviced at S&S a month ago and they told me that they are launching a new mens watch late Autumn that they are very proud of since they now were able to get their hands on calibers that they couldn't get before. They wouldn't tell me more at the time, a lot of "hush, hush".
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