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Lucky you . I have three pais, all with some toe cap creasing.
Yes, wide fit (G).All cap toes from Vass get cap creasing. Inner toe puff is shorter than outer cap.
F-last birds view.
Lovely! As always!
Thanx Niklas!We do have a special eye for a bullied toe cap, don't we?
EG Canterbury, DOAK, 82-last, R1 city rubber sole. MTO through SkoAB. From the box. After some shine work. And in the wild.
EG Canterbury in DOAK, 82-last, R1 city rubber sole. MTO from trunk show at SkoAB in March.
I wear EG 82 lasts in UK8 (tight) and AS 724 also in UK8 (roomier). Both in standard width.
Me to. Double R1 city rubber sole and I'll be in. Swedish Autumn and leather soles unfortunately make no sense.
Come on Shoedog, give it a try ;-)
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