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Well spoken.
Sure, it's a U-wing but still a full brogue. Not the traditional wingtip full brogue, but a full brogue nevertheless 😉
They are nice! But not better than a full brogue since they are a full brogue:)
WIWT. Rain last.
They are indeed.
Excellent Roger. I know I can trust you 😉.
Nevis in DOAK, flat welt on dainite anyone?
Indeed.It looks the same if I change feet to put suede on right and calf on left.Both are great shoes, but the sizing part is a bit confusing. Had the calf one's ordered in standard width at first but had them replaced due to width. Still in G width they are more narrow than the suede shoes.
No, the suede shoes where not unlined.Below a picture with the two F-lasts, both in size 41. Suede in standard width (F), calf in wide (G). Lacing fully closed on F-width and quite open in G-width.
New Posts  All Forums: