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Unboxing today. Balmoral boot on modified U-last. Plum museum calf and burgundy suede. Single dainite sole.
I agree as well, they do not look good. With respect to AFPoS, I have nothing but the best to say about their service. I have bought six pairs from them and service has been exquisite in all contacts.
Color is not the problem IMO, fit is. A glove is to fit snug. These are very far from snug.
You may have gotten the answer already, but...Gaucho is the lower en brand of Hestra. So not the same glove, neither the same material. The Hestra glove is Peccary, your glove is ordinary pig skin.
Close up of R1.
Sure, if you do a factory full resole. It is a really great sole option if you want to keep the look of a leather soled shoe but want a practical option on a rainy day.
They are amazing! Would prefer them on the R1 sole though. The look of a leather sole and the wear like a dainite. Leather sole boots are not for Swedish climate :-(
A bit sleeker and (I know I'll get killed for this...) without that slight "blobbyness" of 888.
They are both good, have one of each 😉
It is, yes.
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