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Beutiful, as always! Any chance you'll stock the Moore in Chestnut?
You think so? They're about two years old and I think they look neither better nor worse than other shoes I have in my rotation.Indclude another in-wear picture.
I wear 8 UK in most makers and 41G in Vass, both F and U lasts.
I prefer the Vass last and the AS medallion.Agree that the solework is nicer on the AS but my experience is that the Vass soles wear better than the AS do. Wear AS Moore today, and like both makers.I am perhaps a bit biased since the Vass on the pic is mine 😉
Bealieu Burgundy Antique 82-last
If dainite definitely single. There's also the R1 "city rubber sole" as an option.
Yes, it's €620 but then including the €60 tree.
I believe yes. A bit of a hassle if you live in US or Canada of course
Also Vass offers last adjustments at a €100 upcharge but then including the three piece tree in the price. They call this service "be-spoke".
I'm afraid I have to agree on this. Shaya sells top stuff, often at competitive prices, but is sloppy on responding. Sometimes quick, often not. He is definitely connected since he is updating on FB every day. Also been waiting a few weeks on my current order.
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