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Vass briefcase, MTO in antique cognac.
Nope, they are yet to be received...And thanx guys for your kind comments.
Plum museum calf from a 2015 delivery.
One full size difference? I have the same size in F and U.
Vass have high insteps in both F and U lasts.Edit. Red carefully and understod that you've already tried Vass F last.I am surprised to see that you find the 82-last to accommodate your high insteps best. I have a couple of EG's on 82 that actually lack a bit of room over the instep but I had to buy them anyway because they're som damn beutiful. I find both AS (109, 724) and Carmina (Rain) to suit higher insteps better.
No, it's not shell. Antique cognac calf.
Thanx!Sure, price is €680 incl VAT, if within EU.
It is made on order according to my spec's, same leather as the shoes, it is cut by hand, sewn on the same machines as the uppers of their shoes and finished by hand.
Not shoes, but Vass. MTO briefcase in antique cognac.
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