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Consider geting the thinner R1 city rubber sole. Look like a leather sole shoe but with the advantages of rubber. I would not go dainite on a dress shoe.
It's plum museum calf.
Some Vass for you. Enjoy.
Balmoral boots from Lazslo Vass in size 41 (US 8) in brown museum calf and mid brown suede. Bought these in February but unfortunately wrong size for me. Very limited usage, almost as new. Single leather sole with rubber topy and flush metal toe taps. Fully handmade; handlasted, handwelted etc. On the very classic F-last, designed by Roberto Ugolini. Comes with lasted shoe trees, original shoe bags and box. Price directly from Vass €780 ($900). Shipping included. A true...
Nice pick-up Mattias!// RolleFC
Thnx! Brown museum, mid brown suede.
As with sizing :-)
Another pic of the suede, indoor ligthing, compared to an old (three years) Oxford which was at the time called mid brown.
I'd say that Rogers are what Reszö call "deep brown", while mine are "mid brown".Here's a pic of my three years Old oxfords, ordered as "mid brown". Very different story...reddish and much more snuff/polo.
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