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For sale is this Vass Old English 2 in Gold Museum Calf, size EU 41 / US 8. Very limited wear due ue to my hallux valgus issues (too narrow). Tried to use them some five-six times. Excellent condition. Specs: Model: Old English 2 Last: F-last Material: Gold Museum Calf Size: EU 41/ US 8 / UK 7.5 Sole : single leather sole, rubber flush toe taps Fully handmade (handlasted, handwelted etc). Come's with lasted shoe trees, original shoe bags and box. pictures are indoor,...
Possible. Mine are in calf and no goyser.
I can also confirm this as possible. Picked up my U-last boots from the cobbler today, stretched just to accomodate my toes better in the box.
Thanx! I use various wax colors, from the reddish side Mahogany and Bordeaux.
Thanx! Yes I do, I wear 41G in both F and U.
A selection of Vass, including the suede quarter brogues three years down the road. Old English plain U-last, OE2 F-last gold museum calf, suede quarter brogues F-last mid Brown, OE2 plain F-last dark brown museum, wholecut U-last oxbood, dress boots U last plum museum calf and bordeaux suede.
I sized down from 42 to 41, so they where too large in all aspects.
I did return them for a down size. Was a bit tight for the first couple of wears but there was quite a bit of stretch in the suede and they fit perfect after some wear.
It does indeed appear to be identical to Vass offerings. Mine differs in hardware since I did not whant "steelish" hardware. But the Vass standard briefcase share hardware with this GION briefcase. Question is if they use the same quality of leathers. Mine is in the same leather as the shoes from Vass. It is thick, with a very nice, rich touch and it seems to be very well made. IF it is the same quality of leather it is at a VERY attractive price point at €260; Vass is...
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