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My first adventure with StC. Split toe on a personalised last. Won't be my last commission.
hStC doesn't hand stitch any soles unless you buy bespoke. They use machine to stitch leather soles.And, as can be seen on my own pair, rubber soles are not stitched att all.
I have both F and U in standard and wide fit (G). I believe that the toe box is slightly wider in G fit (for the better IMO), but outsoles are more or less the sama between the differen widths. Hard to say regarding insole.
To my defenition "sleek" is a shoe with a somewhat "petit" overall look. So a thin sole, a narrow cut welt, a narrow waist and, most often, not a lot of brogueing. Toe shape per see has nothing to do with it.From others comments I see that for some it means a pointy toe last and for others a chiseled toe last, even of the shoe overall is not very sleek.With my defenition AS certainly has sleek lasts, Armfield on 109 for one (almond toe), Moore on 724 (square, slightly...
To each his own, but I wouldn't recommend cordovan for a business/formal black cap toe. Calf and single leather sole would be my choice. I have two black oxfords on U-last, OldEnglish captoes and an Austerity brogue. Both are great models.[IMG]I do also have a wholecut on U, though in Oxblood. It would be smashing in black.
Still available.
I bought them direct from Vass in Budapest, as an MTO.
Consider geting the thinner R1 city rubber sole. Look like a leather sole shoe but with the advantages of rubber. I would not go dainite on a dress shoe.
It's plum museum calf.
Some Vass for you. Enjoy.
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