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I wear size 8 in Rain and 41.5 in Vass, both F and U.
I aim to please 😄
My bad. Austerity brogues taken out :-)
With a very traditional view I agree, then it's only black captoes that counts.
censored :-). Now with cap toes. Still Vass on U-last.
Can you buy EG in US size?Anyway, EG UK size, Meccariello UK size. According to Antonio he used EG 202 as a size reference.
Sick! Lock forward to see more pic's in due time!
7.5E. Same fitting for all his RTW lasts, except Hawksbill that is more banana-shaped and hence tighter for the outside toes.
I suggest same size as in EG 82. Works fine for me.
I wear Carmina Rain in the same size as the Meccariello's. Rain is wider/roomier no doubt, but not to the extent that I could've sized down, so I wear UK8 in both. If the Rain last fit snug I'd suggest 0.5 up in Meccariello, if it's roomy go for the same size.
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