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If you'd like to try Italian dress you can create your own shirt, and prices start from 79 euros (less than 100 dollars). In the next few days, new ready to order proposals will be available at this price: you can choose one of our proposals or customize it in every detail and create a new shirt that completely reflects your style
Why not? And if you need help with measures just ask!
If you consider the option of buying made to measure shirts online I can point you at my company:   We are located in Italy and make shirts with the best fabrics available. Within your budget you can choose on Neronote among several hundreds high quality fabrics and plenty of style options.
      -High quality photos showing the elements of a shirt (the cuff, the collar, the pocket etc), to discern the differences between a type and another -Some informative guides to use (about how to take measures on the body, as an instance) -Informative details about the fabrics: many sites don't have them, they don't show where the fabric is produced, and don't provide info about the yarn, the weaving. - Eye-catching logo, menus and texts.
Hello everybody,   I have a question regarding the importance, for a MTM shirts company, to manufacture in a country better than in another.   Let's consider two quality MTM shirts which have been manufactured in two different countries of the world: does the value of being manufactured in a particular country exist? Does the "country of manufacture" of a MTM shirts matter???   If so, is there a country which would deserve the title of "best manufacturer of...
For a ceremony I advise you a white or pale blue shirt with a french collar. Cuff links would be a stylish and smart detail...if you link them. Grey/navy patterned tie but I'd go with black shoes and black socks...I'm not a fan of brown shoes with a grey suit, especially if it's not a dark grey...
Is this shirt advertised as a 38/15??? Italian firms generally use 38/15 for the shirts collar. You could also find only "48" which is the equivalent of the US "38" for t-shirts and clothing, but the tag "15/48" doesn't make any sense...
It seems to be the common "problem" of the men who have very straight shoulders (lucky you!)! You could simply solve it telling it to your tailor when you order a new tailored shirt. It should be given to your shirt a different shoulders rope.
What about buying online a MTM shirt?? You can choose among lots of different types of collars, cufflinks, contrast can customize your shirt with monograms and other optional details at no extra cost.
    You're right do I, but defending Made in Italy
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