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Well I think I can give you some advice: Neronote manufactures shirts with a 15,5 collar size, and you can customize a standard size changing only the sleeves lenght. Or you can better create your own profile with all your measurements. The price doesn't depend on how or how many details of the shirt you customize. It only depends on the fabric you choose could try
325 dollars for a bespoke shirt is not unreasonable, even if it always depends also on the fabric you choose. you can also find a quality bespoke shirt with a very good fabric at a lower price!
Some maybe "unknown" Italian brands:   Bespoke men shirts: Neronote (is it really unknown?)   High quality knitwear (men and women): Della Ciana Cashmere   Men clothing: Paoloni
Absolutely! You should go with a custom one. I suppose that you'll wear a tie too, and you'll need to feel at ease all the day long (with a too tight collar shirt you could feel uncomfortable). As the fabric of your suit seems to be a textured one, I'd suggest a solid white shirt or a white shirt which is a bit textured too.
It should be known also as Mao or Guru collar but if you want you can have a look at this:
Ok, I'd suggest not to sew darts or the back of the shirt would be too tight. If you wish to have a tighter waist just reduce its measure a bit. I'd recommend a soft collar with removable stays. And finally...-I don't know which is the request of the bride so maybe I'm daring too much-, but if you want to add a touch of elegance: -a korean collar -a covered placket
Ok, and what about the pants? Are you wearing also linen pants?
I agree with blahman, it can happen when the sleeves are a bit tighter than the standard.
Hi Smoothmoose, you're right: darts don't look "great" on a linen shirt, especially if you're going to wear it at a wedding on the beach. How are you planning to wear your shirt? Tucked or untucked? If you're wearing it tucked I can suggest not to sew darts: just choose a tight or slim fitting.
I always wash it after only one wear, and at a temperature  that doesn't exceed 40°C. Before  washing I put some oxiclean on the cuffs and collar, and let it work for a few minutes, without brushing.
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